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Funny Xmas Song
Banned Skittles Commercial 2011
Visitors Guide to Scotland
Engine Additive
Out for a Cruise
Private Snowball
Rugby by Dead Cat Bounce
Foot Arse Ball
How to Avoid Road Rage
How Rumors Start
Mrs Brown Gets a Bikini Wax
Black Devil, Moscow Ride on R1
Goldfish Funeral
Homemade Implants
Bank Robbery, Belfast Style
Best Beer Ad in the World 2010
Red Light Runners
Korean Girls Do it The Best
Where Did i Put my Spanner
Are You a Real Cowboy
Al Murray on Scotsman
Hi Jack
How I Ended up In the Cupboard
Female Version of Vinny Jones
Three Ways To Fail A Drunk Test
Shit Happens
Brave or Stupid
True Art
An Irishman Abroad Tells it Like it Is
Grandma got Molested at the Airport
Vote Greens
The Flea
Happy Crimbo 2010 Oppo`s
Scottish Teenager
Dont Drink and Drive
Three Condoms Please
Pyrotechnic Expert
I Hate RyanAir
You Can Trust the TSA
3 Abrahamic Faiths Rant
A French Busker
Bullet Recall
For Seniors
I Like Guns
Dont Take the Kids
Mrs Macs Famous Pies
Got a Bad Cold
The Tomato
What we Should Do
Billy Connolly about Suicide Bombers
Choppers Driving School
Scottish Colonoscopy
Crashproof Motorbike
Tramp Stamp
Goodbye Hooters
White Womens Workout
Die Sweet Roadrunner, Die
A Scottish Elevator
The Late Thierry Henry
The Modern Burka
Tim Minchin, Storm
Hygenix Wipes
Russian Flight Attendants
Shoplifter with a Difference
Why Guys Like Fit Girls
Humerous Car Ad
Great Condom Ad 1
Happy Ending Massage
Great Condom Ad 2
Dont Lick my Balls
Girl Caught Out by Boyfriend
Bowling Oopsi
Skeleton in Museum
No Bullshit Poker
Mohammed Brand Condoms
Gordon Brown, Speech
Brief and to the Point
Chicken or the Egg
One of The Best Ads Ever
Best Car Wash Ever
Caught out at the Cubs Game
New Harley Ad
The Best Shotgun
R Lee Ermey Presents the AA12 Shotgun
Sandiego Police Department
Apartment 6
Scottish Humour
Islam No Thanks
Merry Xmas
WiFi Tennis
Merry F*****g Christmas
Achmed, Jingle Bombs
Ladies/Gents Restroom
Striptease in Baghdad
Bullet Ricochet
Bedside Shotgun Rack
New Cashier System
Orgasms around The World
How to Keep a Man Happy
Pain in Spain
Danish Speed Control
Goose v Jet Engine Test
F**k Sony
Depressant Drug
Drambuie Whiskey Research
Kate Moss
Man United Rule
Durex Sex
Spanish Police v Terrorist
2 Year Old Chinese Boy Smoking
Goodbye George Bush
Government Employees
Australian CSI
Robin Williams v Golf
Paris Hilton
Stunt Plane (Impress Friends with a Loop)
Angry Kid Confronts Dad
Chinese Recall Breast Implants
The Dildo Song (black and white version)
Woman Punked by Boyfriend
Dick Cheneys Basement, a CIA Blacksite
Arab v Kickback 1
Arab v Kickback 2
Arab v Kickback 3
Arab v Kickback 4
Dont Bite The Hand Thats Feeding You
British Technique
Glaswegian Guide Dog
Been there, Done it
My Dad Says
End of Civilization
Nissan Pathfinder
Leaving Home
Dumb Ass Redneck
Ladies Beware
The Perfect Girl
Girl Sick in a Plane
For the Woman in Your Life
Does This Goal Count
Eye Test
How to Get Rid of a One Night Stand
Goodness Gracious
To Hell with ESPN
Talent Show
Willie Vega for President 2016
Are you the Guy in the Middle ?
Should Have Gone to Specsavers
Italian Chewing Gum
How to Fail Breathalizer Test
Riviera Truck Stop
Saratov Police Karate Girl
Les Nonnes
Budlight, Good Dog
Dont Look Away, I am Talking to You
The Greatest Prank Call Ever
Ford, Anti Cat
Ford, Anti Pidgeon
Russian Roadrage Revenge
Dubai Road Crossing
Ban the Burka
Russian Beer 1
Russian Beer 2
Changing Tyres Can Be Dangerous
Russias Got Talent
Why Abbos Need Cellphones
Waldorf Salad
Ouch, That Must Hurt
Didnt Michael Jackson Try This
British Diplomat v Russian Hookers
New Beer Opener
Mother in Laws, Always Knock First
Shamwow Dub
Golf Confessions
They Beat Me
Son, Join the Ballet
Cell Phone Aid
Mother in Law, Visited Once
Kazoo Player, Mary Lee
Welcome to Hell
Yorkshire Airlines
Irish Bank Robbers
Jerry the Police Dog
You are my Sunshine
36 Hour Cialis
American Football Season Starts
Vibrator Prank Call
Sorry, No Change Given
Anyone for a Cucumber Sandwich
Piano Duo
I Cant Believe She Went Under
Great Story
Choice of Massage
Great Online Ad, Sexy
Yoghurt Commercial
Best Halloween Costume
Scottish Haka-Intimidation
Aussie Camouflage
Funny Polar Bears
Magician Removes his Head
Fire Hose Rodeo
How to Deal with a Mugger
Burying my Goldfish
How to Change a Fan Belt on a VW Beetle
The Shakeweight
The One Cent Beer
I Miss Being a Little Boy
Wax Museum
Security Flash Light
For the Love of Mrs Brown
NYPD Training Video
Police Chase a Pick Up Truck
The Drunkest Guy Ever
Conversational Parrot
"Priest Off", Clergy Repellent
Scottish Star Trek
Kevin Bloody Wilson "Hey Santa"
Frank and Tiger
Use a Condom
Tiger by the Tail
Prostate Exam
Marriage Year 1 to 40
An Italian in Malta
Creedence Clearwater Revival
Best Durex - Condom Ad
Shaz n Baz
Speeding Saudis Spot Camera
Ned Calls the Pillow Biters Channel
Italian Sports Presenter
Magic Goggles
Xmas Stocking Fillers 2010
Pretty Women
Caroline, 17 and Born on a Farm
The Beauty of Life
Cameltoe Cup
Office Shredder
History of Beer
Women or Cars
The R U Gay Test
My girlfriend replaced my Wiper Blades
How Good are you with Faces
McDonald Calendar
Xmas Cards
How to Hypnotise a Guy
Advent Calender
Transparent Clothes
Caught in the Act with Blow up Dolls
Lazy Wife
What is an Abstract Noun
Snow Scam
Air Force Sergeant v Playboy
It Must Be Done
This is Courage
A Cat called Lucky
Learn Your A B C
Near Fatal Crash
Who Has The Nicest Car
Lets Have a Coffee
The Patriot Microchip
Technical Help Required
Check Your Car Aircon
New Kitchen Help
How to Tell if You're at a Gay Bar
Never urinate on a 220 watt 3 phase fence
Sometimes You Can Reach to Far
The i-Tit
Its Safer in Iraq
Bill Thought that He Was President Too
Favourite T Shirt
Viagra Advert
Texas Drug Bust
A Cold Beer
Franks Surprise
Little Johnny Strikes Again
Dont Drive & Text
For my Sport Loving Friends
The Rake
Dumb Ass
Women around the world
The Best Engine is a.......
Touch Yer Nose (Sobriety Test)
Sheriff Grady Judd, Polk County FLA
Various Types of Bra
Ferrari Fire their Pit Crew
Can you identify their Facial Expression
Deal or No Deal
10 Years Old
Effects of a New Ferrari on Women
Best Balcony Competition
Priceless, Wonder if He Made It
My Neighbor
Go ahead---make my it!!
Spitfire Ad Banned in UK
Guide Dog of the Year
Tiger Woods Biography Release 2010
Thoughts of an Englishman
New Directors of Kraft - Cadburys
I Love Tennis


99.9% Need Not Apply

Black Devil, Moscow Ride on R1


A Scottish Elevator


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Dont give Weapons to Idiots
The Three Terrors
Guys from Knight Rifles Shoot the 950 JDJ
Glock17 Full Auto Incendiary Ammo
3rd World Bomb Squad
The Switchblade
The Rifle
Good Old Oklahoma
New M60
XM307 25mm Machine Gun
Doing the Chitterbug
Soldier Drops Fake Grenade in Humvee
Barrett M107 .50 Cal sniper rifle
Russian Navy Captures Somali Pirates
Taliban Campfire
Ariel Combat Footage from AFG
Nightfire Rear of CH 46E
Jihadist Trainees
Fancy a Ride in the Back
British Troops in Firefight at FOB Inkerman
Armored Bulldozer Rampage
Never Give a Woman a Weapon
50cal Sniper Rifle "notes first; then video"
Police Shooting "video first; then read notes"
Police Shoots Gun from Criminals Hand
AC-130 Gunship Power
Helicopter Gunship, Mini Guns in Action
KA-50 Black Shark
M107 50CAL Sniper Rifle
Never Point a RPG at a US Marine
A Walk in the Park
Whooopsi....... 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
60cal Pistol "notes first; then video"
A Missile Launch Gone Wrong
1st Cavalry Division
Police Escort
Night Shift in Iraq
Iraqi Wedding
Muslims in New York Celebrate the Deaths
US Fire Power
Sniper Training
Assault Breacher Vehicle
Kiowa 10th Cav` Hellfire Engagement
The Rifle v Van in Street
Things that make you think
NOVA, Rise of The Drones 2013
Submarine Torpedo Practice
Justice for Osama
Mubarak and The Fall of The Zionists
What Our Governments Allow
The Job Centre Rip Off
Multiculturism in France
WMD Lies That Triggered Iraq War
38 British Warrant Officers Fired by Email
Col Allen West Answers a Marines Question
Britain Today
Some Muslims are Deluded
Pat Condell on Ground Zero mosque
Russian CA SU-301
Gingrich, I am Deeply Worried
Forgotten Your Keys ?
BBC interview, Lawyer of Anthony Malone
Lying Politicians and Words
George Carlin, Saving the Planet
No War for Israel in Iran
Mosque on Ground Zero
IDF Naval Commandos
Clarke & Dawe the Economy
Eat the Rich
BP Tries To Clean Up Coffee Spill
UK Military Criminal Justice System
Minuteman Test Launch
Federal Reserve (1)
Federal Reserve (2)
Federal Reserve (3)
Federal Reserve (4)
Federal Reserve (5)
The Truth is Not Racism
Who Rules America ?
USS Liberty
Sweden in Grip of Islam
Salman Rushdie - The Satanic Verses
US Military Dont Pay Enough
World Demographics
AIG Bailout Hearing
Your Being Lied To
Albert Einstein
Immigration Song
Muslim Ceremony in Vienna
WW2 in Progress
Home Security, Protecting us
Singapore Punishment
Plymouth 2010 Calendar Preview in Oceana
Hooters 2010 Calender Preview
Hooters Calendar 2010
Sound Bytes in MP3 format

Royal Marine Ringtone

Its Shite Being Scottish

3 Abrahamic Faiths Rant

Mental Health Hotline

Bear Hunting

Ned Calls the "Pillow Biters" Channel

English Call Centre v Scottish Customer

Greatest Prank Call Ever

Funniest Joke in the World

Indian teacher explaining the word F**ck

Jewish Girl Prank Calls Her Parents

Asda Prank Call

Vibrator Prank Call

Dodgy Welsh Pizza

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British Chav
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Blow out the Flame on the Shot Before You Drink it

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Super Glued

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If She Gets Up, She has Had It

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Laser "Pointer"

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Mans Alternative to Waxing

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In Memory of

Mne David L Allan (22)
Westerhope, Newcastle

Training Unit
16 Troop, CTCRM
"Tooley Trophy Winners"

Serving Unit
40 Commando

Murdered by IRA Sniper
26th July 1972

Unity Flats/Upper Library Street, West Belfast

Laid to Rest in West Road Cemetery, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Always in our Thoughts.......

Many Thanks to the Northern Ireland Veterans Association

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The Pipes

Now We Are Free by Lisa Gerrard

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The Barracks by the Sea my Lads, The Barracks on the Shore 

Remember the Brave 

The Bonnie Blue Flag 





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