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Listen up. This is important stuff. We're dealing with advanced software here, so you should understand it before you start installing. For that reason we want you to know our policies, and we also want you to consider adopting some policies of your own.


Legal Stuff


With any software downloaded from the internet, you should exercise a certain degree of caution. This means that prior to installing, you should take three steps:

1. Before installing any item which will change your system settings (including virtually any new program), make sure you have made a back-up copy of the Windows system registry. The registery is what Windows uses to store your entire set of system configuration options. Windows will run very badly, or not at all, if the registery is damaged, so you can see why it's important to have a backup.

  • In Windows 98, creating a backup is easy: Copy two files, system.dat and user.dat (if you use Windows Me, also copy classes.dat), from your Windows directory to a disk for safe keeping, and if you develop some serious system problems, just copy them right back into your Windows directory. These files should be able to completely restore your system if the problem was a corruption of the registry.

  • In Windows XP, use the Backup Utility (and Microsoft has made this difficult, since the utility is not installed by default, and you may have to install it from your CD - check the System Tools menu to see if it's installed). See this Microsoft article for help.

  • In Windows 2000 & Windows 7 back up the whole registry, use the Backup utility located on the System Tools menu to create an Emergency Repair Disk (ERD), or back up the System State (which includes the registry, the COM+ Class Registration database, and your boot files). For help, read this Microsoft article

  • For both 2000 and XP, you might also try RDILLY.......... RDilly makes a backup copy of the NT,2K,XP registry. It's a little similar to System Restore found in WinME and WinXP. You get a point-in-time copy of the registry labeled with the date it was made.....(free).....GO THERE!, or you can use ERUNT.......... A program which also allows easy Registry Backup and Restore for Windows NT/2000/7/XP.....(free).....GO THERE!

All other programs, Windows or others use your "backup" instructions or restore discs.......

2. Before using any program downloaded from the internet, perform a virus check. Free virus checking tools are available at a number of sites.
(You can find others by searching "Anti Virus" at Shell City)

3. Finally, you should make sure you read the program directions and understand them and what the software will do to your system before installing.

4. No author of any tutorial/software can be held responsible for any damage that YOU might inflict upon your operating system. Remember to always back up ANY file(s) that YOU choose to modify.

Some original material on this site is Copyright © by R. Helmer. (thanks bob)
Also thanks to the other programmers/owners/copyrights for all other stuff.

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Westerhope, Newcastle

Training Unit
16 Troop, CTCRM
"Tooley Trophy Winners"

Serving Unit
40 Commando

Murdered by IRA Sniper
26th July 1972

Unity Flats/Upper Library Street, West Belfast

Laid to Rest in West Road Cemetery, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Always in our Thoughts.......

Many Thanks to the Northern Ireland Veterans Association

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NO author of any tutorial / software can be held responsible for any damage that YOU might inflict upon YOUR operating system.

Remember to always back up ANY file(s) that YOU choose to modify.

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