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History of the Royal Marines

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…ROD SPINKS (RM 16246)…




At this time, all our thoughts are with
Rod & Rose & Family…PMPT

Starlink Equipment

Order / Check your area coverage as initial trials are being held in remote areas of the UK prior to full release…

Mobile phones, Laptops, PCs…Plus, 99.9% Anything with a Plug on it

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How and Why to Use Signal? Fully Secure Messaging App - CCM


The MOD highlighted the use of an instant messaging service called Signal as an alternative option for personnel Instead of WhatsApp

British soldiers banned from WhatsApp

amid Russian (and others) hacking fears

Service Personnel or Civvie Street Use

Soldiers in the British Army have been banned from using popular messaging tool WhatsApp over fears of Russian hackers gaining critical operational information.

From Private soldiers to Brigadiers and Generals, all serving members are directed to stop any use of WhatsApp for work purposesincluding Savvy Civvies

Foxnwolf recommends…Do not use Whatsapp for private use either as non secure and owned by “Meta” / Facebook. The app will upload your contact lists AND ALL INFO LINKED TO THEM (including all your Photos & vids etc, apparently for surveys etc

ie…(data mining).


Read this article from the Guardian…”Click Here” (opens in separate tab)

Get your Signal App Now for your

iPhone / iPad / Android / PC or Mac here…”Click Here

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 “Some people live an entire lifetime and wonder if they have ever made a difference in the world, Royal Marines don’t have that problem”

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