Donation of $500 to the RMA from US Charity “Honor Our Marines”

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Rods Spinks RM Rtd is still in touch with his USMC huey pilots & gunners counterparts namely (Al Viti) and others who recently suggested that a donation be made to the RMA (as we are all brothers in arms) plus, they all know the effort that Rod puts into the Corp with regards to fundraising in all avenues and also being the Curator of the “G10 Store” at Languard Fort.

We would all like to say, in Rods words “Thank You for your kind donation which was unexpected and gratefully received. Always honored that both our flags have the colors Red, White & Blue… and that our traditions may be varied but our goals are always the same”.

I also wish to thank all concerned across the pond who was in contact with Rod and contributed to making the Donation…


“Al”(MGySgt Al Viti (Rtd) & “Razz” Lt Col William Rasgorshek (USMC Rtd)

Here are a couple of links where you can catch up on Rod and everything else

(I must apologize for not posting earlier as issues/ crashes with servers etc so i have a lot of catching up to do)…
Mac (webmaster & ex RM)
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