REMINDER – How to Get-Rid of the Windows 10 update icon (reminder)


(Windows update KB3035583)

If you want it buy it there is a licensed option which enables you to revert to Windows 7 afterwards if you wish to. If you do the free upgrade there is NO Going back unless you do a complete new reinstall of everything.

How to Get-Rid of the Windows 10 update icon that keeps popping up and residing on the bottom right of your pc. Microsoft is aggressively trying to market Windows 10 almost to the point that their “upgrade reminder” is like a piece of malware which refuses to go away even if you go to your system files and try to hide / remove / don’t show etc.… And finally poor XP users must upgrade to Windows 7 first… nothing works except the simple instructions below

For windows 7 or 8 users just take these simple steps


Go to control panel and open “programs & features”


On the far left upper corner of the screen click on “view installed updates”


On the far right upper corner of the screen there is a little search box. Type in KB3035583 (exactly as I have typed it in uppercase) then press the enter button on your keyboard


It should now be showing on its own at the top of the list as a installed update


Single left click on it (it will now be highlighted) and click on “Uninstall” (button should be just above that line)


Agree to any prompts and finally let your pc shut down, update it self and restart


Go to your windows update settings (after restart is finished) and change settings to “Notify you when ready” this way if Microsoft try to dump that little program on you again you can just uncheck or ignore that particular file.

If you notice “Windows update KB3035583” uncheck the box next to the file, right click on that file line and select “hide update” this action should stop it from ever being downloaded and installed.  Periodically check over next few weeks prior to resetting windows update settings to Auto download and install…….

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