Iceland is giving pensioners £30 vouchers to help with cost of living

This a time limited offer for certain areas in the UK…

Iceland is giving away free one-off £30 food vouchers to certain pensioners struggling with the cost of living.

The supermarket is teaming up with the Rothesay Foundation to support some of the 1.7 million older people in the UK who live in poverty, and who rely on a state pension and benefits.

At launch, 40,000 vouchers were available and the deadline to apply is 16 September – with the campaign running in 269 stores nationwide.

Those eligible include pension-age residents who are living independently, or with a carer, who rely solely on a state pension.

They must live in one of the following 17 areas: Glasgow, Strathclyde, Greater Manchester, Liverpool, Wirral, Newcastle North, Sunderland, Huddersfield/Barnsley, Sheffield, Birmingham, West Midlands, Glamorgan, Newport, North Wales, Lambeth, Croydon.

Eligible pensioners should call the Summer Cheer hotline on to request their voucher.


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