PAY WALLS (Bypass any paywall)

Bypass any paywall (no need to pay anything, its Free & Safe)

Are usually found on newspaper websites, they generally ask for a contribution etc which will allow you to click on a story and read it in its entirety… NOT NOW as there is a simple fixit for free.

Just click the yes or no button on the bottom right of your screen to confirm if its working when Pay Wall Blocker is used.

Below is a link for the Times Newspaper

Add by, Copy / Paste  “” to the beginning of the main link address…

See below



** So search for your newspaper, magazine (anything that has a Pay Wall). Click on the link as normal, when loaded on your screen, add the small extra script as shown above to the start of the address in your browser then click enter, thats it… Still cant figure it out?!?! click on link below

See example here…

Foxnwolf comments; Many thanks to “” excellent piece of script, well done

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