Special Boat Service, well done lads…Hoofing…

Over in minutes: Special Boat Service’s ‘textbook’ raid shows why they have fearsome reputation

By Alistair Bunkall, defence and security correspondent


Foxnwolf comments…….

Just down the road the lads from Poole have done it again. 99.9% of the stuff they deal with we never hear about. But now and again something so public, like this pops up and they show their well rehearsed capabilities, and on home ground as well…

Many thanks to the team(s) involved, including the crews of the two Merlin and two Wildcat Helicopters and those involved in the background. They all walk among us in our every day lives. Otherwise, unassuming married with familes or single they are a credit not only to themselves but also to the Royal Marines. I raise my glass (the sun is going down somewhere). Well done……. Mac

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