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    Robo Plow
    Best Nigel Farage speeches
    Why they Test Drop Bombs
    Corby Rangers Club, Penny Arcade
    Danger New Credit & Debit Cards
    Argie Olympian Taking the Piss
    V8 Chainsaw
    Your a Handyman if You can Do this
    Weapon Safety
    Party Piece
    A 6 Volt Battery holds 32 AA Batteries
    The Train That Never Stops
    Airline Pilot of The Year
    Two Dogs Dining
    SP Gun Loading Fail
    Jet Landing Fail
    Heavy Drop Fail
    How I Got this Tattoo
    Guess the Product
    Photo Copier
    Nexi MDS Robot
    Self Loading Backhoe
    People of Walmart
    How to Dance the Meringue
    The Power of Words
    Men in the Kitchen 1
    Men in the Kitchen 2
    Men in the Kitchen 3
    Leopard hangs out of Russian Audi TT
    The Tiger
    Royal Wedding Practice
    Why God Gave Them Camels
    Downhill Race in Chile
    Office Stress 1
    Office Stress 2
    Office Stress 3
    Office Stress 4
    2 into 1 2x2x2ft Will Go
    Aussie School Answering Machine
    Tango Football
    Ventriloquist Without a Dummy
    Billiard Domino
    Origin of the Queen of England
    Snake, What Snake
    Walking to Work
    Kids Never Learn
    Blue Panties
    Dont Mess with Old Golfers
    Speed Enforced by Aircraft
    RC Plane with Reversible Pitchprop
    Handicapped Parking Only
    New Ride at Flamingo Land
    Referee Training
    It Could Have Been Me
    Yeoman At Tower Of London 1
    Yeoman At Tower Of London 2
    Yeoman At Tower Of London 3
    Yeoman At Tower Of London 4
    Robin Williams Intro to Golf
    Police Portaloo
    Human Stick Figure at Ball Game
    First Tech Support Guy
    End of Civilization
    Homeless Golden Voice in Columbus
    Scariest Path in the World
    Walking with Johnnie
    Blizzard Time Lapse New York 2010
    USS Montana
    How Irish Dancing Started
    Budweiser Xmas 2010
    England Team Training
    Digital Story of the Nativity
    Best Card Trick Ever
    Yellow Snow
    Electronic Pickpocket
    Passion Killers
    Elastic Band
    Coffee Cup Holder
    German Tourists
    Monty Python Precision Drilling
    Lesson in Economics
    Dog Sledding
    Fire Fighter
    Oz in Capable Labour Hands
    All Black Skills
    TOP TEN Crosswind Landings
    Religion Has Had Its Day
    Get Lucky
    Outsourcing, A Classic Oldie
    Is Someone Blocking your Garage
    Flying Kiwi
    Weekend Sailor
    Tale of Two Brains
    Automated Confession
    What a Retard
    Grounded for Life, No Parole
    Pucker up Girls
    Workers v Boss
    Caught on Camera
    Duelling Farts
    Ukulele Orchestra of GB 2007
    David Copperfield
    Garage to small, Improvise
    Red Telephone Kiosks for Sale
    Its Magic
    Its a Wonderful World
    Transformer Owl
    How to Open a Bottle of Wine
    Disappearing Car Door (updated)
    Asking for Directions
    Baby Moose in Sprinkler
    Unknown Parameter Value
    Shouldnt Own a Bike
    Its Called Recoil
    A Large GSXR
    How to Carry Plywood
    Dont Stretch on Your Car
    BP Oil Crisis, Whose Fault Is It
    The Beautiful Game
    Have Patience with Old Folk
    Howard, Drum Show
    Fishing in Florida
    New Cellphone
    Inspired Bikes Danny MacAskill April09
    Mission Impossible Squirrel
    Saddam and George Dubya Bush
    The Lost Generation
    Mayor of Johannesburg
    Did we Dance Like This
    Skeleton Riding a Motorbike
    How Old People Break their Hips
    A Pensioners Blues
    Piano Boy, Ethan BORTNICK
    Magic Show, Liu QIAN
    Election, Telegraph Blogs
    Divorce, Aussie Style
    Takin Back Our Country, Joyce Shaffer
    Top Bike Ad
    Octopus v Shark
    Crazy Woodpecker, ex Commando?
    Look No Hands
    1944 America` Got Talent
    Funny Military Accidents
    Dont Do This When Stopped for DUI
    Transfer deadline day at Ibrox (over 18 only)
    Squirrel in my Garden
    How Long can you Hold your Breath
    Train Runs thru Bankok Market
    Voting Republican
    At The End of The Date
    Your Call Centre
    Bad Day
    How a Dog Keeps Dry
    Why Italian Restaurants Failed in Dubai
    Change Start Button Text (see disclaimer)
    Football Manager “If”
    New Car for Women
    Irish DUI Test
    When Wife Dosent Listen
    Why Women Stay Single
    The Queen is Indian
    Combo Lock
    Stretch a Condom
    The Humor Artist
    Scottish Pizza Prank
    Telemarketeer v Police
    Old Folks
    New Airforce One
    Boy and his Train
    Driving Skill
    Ex Bootneck?
    Drink Sensibly
    Wrong Gift
    Robin Williams v Obama
    Strip Poker
    How Real Men Fish
    Xmas Bitch
    Xmas Roo
    Sponsor an Executive
    Walk in Fridge
    No Kissing in Boxing
    Cordless Drill
    Just Hold This
    Antique Road Show
    Why Men Have Big Tool Boxes
    NFL The Best Players
    KungFu Dickheads
    Outrageous Videos
    Small Driveway?
    Women Cant Park?
    Do You Feel Lucky?
    Deer on Car
    Ghostly Car Ad must read notes
    Stupid or What
    Women Drivers
    Bud Lite
    Viera TV
    Dead Snake
    Unknown Gymnast
    Idiot of the Year I
    Idiot of the Year II
    Idiot of the Year III
    Idiots x 4
    World 24hr Air Traffic
    New Tow Truck
    Climbing Excavator see pics first
    Amazing Digger Unloads Itself
    Numb Nuts
    Carter Helicopter
    Negotiate with the Dentist
    Bruce Ping Pong
    Beer Bottle Dominos
    Kitchen Oil Fire
    Indian Intersection
    Ass Hole 2009
    Greatest Pool Shot
   Reply to Gordon Brown Speech
   Ice Road Truckers
   My Son Got a B
   Tyre Prank
   The Black Hole
   Flanders and Swann `67 Broadway
   Boogie Woogie Done Right
   Breakfast Time
   That Bear
   Circus Festival Monte Carlo
   Mommys Little Helper
   2 Otters Holding Hands
   Best Ford Commercial
   Willie Vega - Nocturnal Flight
   Willie Vega - Luther Drive Demo
   Christopher Walken - Dancing
   Human Shooting Range
   Funny Chinese Commercial
   Karate Monkey
   Smartest Man in the World
   Funny Golf
   Hitch a Lift
   Great Excavator Operator
   Are Women Born this Way
   Finger Skill Soccer
   What Every Man Wants in Bed
   Leaf Blower
   Nail Gun
   Power Drill
   The Evian Crew
   Japanese Ringtones
   Rolling Car Doors
   Evolution of Dance
   Coca Cola Ad for Seniors
   Norbury, London SW16
   The Original Zulu Warrior Song
   Live Hard
   Garage Door Opener
   John Pinette
   Waterbound Helo
   Water Slide
   Sen John Murtha, Tax Waster
   Celine & Elvis, Live
   Welcome to Hell
   Desert Island
   Blind Aussie Cricket
   Burger Grease Art
   Irish Traffic Lights
   Jogger Stretching
   Friday vs Monday
   A Great Story
   The Pumpkin Cannon of Ulster County
   Cat Betrayed by Girlfriend
   How to freak out a Taxi Driver
   The Village People
   Why Email Was Invented
   Nephew at His Dealership in Chicago
   Communication Technology
   Hampshire Fire Brigade
   Wooden Spoon Trick
   Bored Welsh Sheep Farmers
   Punjabi Jingle Bells
   I`m Keeping Kosher for Christmas
   The Beatles in 1000 Years
   A Doggy Christmas Surprise
   Xmas Song
   Jose Mari Alegria from India
   Worlds Fastest Rail Train
   Parking is a Lot of Fun
   Inside a Birdhouse
   Tiger Woods, Commemorative Plate
   Russian Freestyle Climbing Freerunning
   Stick to Dominoes
   Worlds Largest Model RC Plane
   Pigeon Impossible
   Look When You Walk
   Pakistani Auto Club
   Tiger Beer Commercial
   World Record High Dive
   Speeding Bullet at 5000ft per Second
   Central Station Antwerp Sound of Music
   Best Seatbelt Ad
   The Front Fell Off
   When a Japanese Baby is Born
   Crane v SUV
   Rubber Cement
   Su33 Near Miss on Carrier Deck
   A10 Take off n` Low Pass
   Airman Hit By Jet on Carrier
   Danger of Working from Home
   Crash Test 2009
   Cristiano Ronaldo Roof Football
   Typical Man
    Pics from The Past
    Camel Toes
    Enola Gay Cockpit
    The Hormone Guide
    How Did He Get In There
    Vegetarian v Food n Booze
    What has happened to Car Design
    Yakkety Yack
    Hydrogen Barrackside
    Catch the Moment
    Capetown, South Africa
    We didnt Start the Fire
    Middle East, 5000 years in 90 Seconds
    No Looters When Nashville Flooded
    The Buffalo Theory
    New Stamp Issue
    Sushi and Seafood Buffet
    Tuurrrd Busters
    Stiff Nipples
    Secrets of a Lasting Marriage
    All US Citizens
    New UK Flag
    Innovative New Parking Scheme
    Actual Call Centre Conversations
    Donald Ducks Trousers
    Tunnel Harry
    Arse or Elbow
    Driving Blonde
    Hit the Cyclist
    2012 Olympics with Stuart Hall
    Probably Not
    Political Correctness
    Checking on You
    Restaurant Waldgeist
    Heart Attack Slideshow
    Extract from the Reagan Diaries
    Daddys Poem
    Scottish Mathematics
    Awesome Air Photos
    Things you can only say on Thanksgiving
    Microsoft Support
    Am I Racist
    Aussie Poetry Competition
    Collectors Plate
    Have you got Guts or Balls?
    Sean Connery Interview
    Hudson Plane Crash
    Scottish Cultural Identity
    Who Upset the Missus
    Past Presidents
    Thank God
    Pacific Cruise
    Welcome to ASYLUM
    Men v Women
    The Grass is Always Greener
    USS Independence
    Chicken Wings Please
    For Sale
    The Gay Flight Attendant
    Lost Puppy
    Famous Churches Around the World
    Aussie Bar Joke
    The 2008 Darwin Awards
    Sheriff Joe is at it Again
    The Missing Wife
    Male v Female
    Compulsory Urine Test
    Can You Read This
    Gordon Brown is My Shepherd
    Retirement Bonus
    Robin Williams for President / Primeminister
    Digital Marriage Metaphor
    Painted Trucks (Great Art)
    Next Cricket World Cup in Pakistan
    Sandstorm (KAF)
    New Department Store in Glasgow
    Bone Yard, Davis Monthan AFB
    Monkey Business
    Patriotic Plan
    Modern Maths Exam Paper (Scottish)
    Bottled Water Disaster
    2 Tough Questions
    The Circle of Life
    Latest Swine Flu Fatality
    Tow Rope Anyone
    English is a hard language to learn
    It Seems Impossible "read notes first"
    New Shop in Inverness
    1940 Tour de France
    Online Ordering in 2012
    Be Careful Out There
    Australian Police Entrance Test
    Two Middle Eastern Mothers
    The Next Time
    Julie Andrews now 69 Years of Age
    Thirsty Koalas
    Change Your Thinking
    New Voters Booth
    The Worlds Shortest Books
    The True Cost of Stuff
    Organisational Development
    Ranch in Montana
    Do Ya Miss Me?
    Google Car Theft Search
    Jeff n Freedom
    Ikea Job Interview
    Read a Book First
    Just Couldnt Use This
    Definately Could Not Use This
    Card Scam (could work anywhere)
    Wasp Spray v Pepper Spray
    Always Watching You
    How to Potty Train a Man
    You Gotta Love Americans
    An Amazing Grizzly Bear
    Men & Advice
    Signs of the Times
    Dictionary for Womens Personal Ad`s
    Winters Coming
    45 Lessons in Life
    Seen a Water Bridge Over a River ?
    British Survey
    Australian Road Trains
    This Watch Always Works
The Best of British Television
    BBC iPlayer for TV
    ITV iPlayer for TV
The Best of British Radio
    BBC iPlayer for Radio
    LBC 97.3 FM
    CAPITAL 95.8 FM
The Best of World (mixed) Radio
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Rod (Terry) Spinks "RM Rtd"
   Chinese Army Mutli Use Shovel
   Mexican Mortar Team
   Changing Tires can be Dangerous
   Rifle Drill
   BE200 Multipurpose Aircraft
   A Seniors Wedding Night
   Queensland Floods 2011
   Crane Drivers Nightmare
   F18 Snapback
    The Touch Table
    Karaoke for the Deaf
    Leatherneck Pipes-Drums Band NYC
    Classical Music
    Children v Fast Train
    The Perfect Crime
    Gun Control
    Air Show Mishap
    A Happy Penguin
    Absolutely British
    Blonde fits Cat Flap
    Lada Brake Test
    Power Surge
    Christmas Dinner
    F-15 InFlight Incident
    Barack Obama Song and (song sheet)
    Tunnel of Death
    An Intimate Moment
    Ladder Race
    Rooftop Cyclist
    Slow Off The Mark
    St Maartens airport
    You Will Never Know
    The E-L-O
    Japanese Birth
   Lake Peigneur Salt Mine
    Cats First
    The Video that won 1st place at Cannes
    Remote Controlled Beer
    Jumbo Landing
    Bull 12 v Spectators 0
    The New Uro Club
    Malta Marks Remembrance Sunday 2009
    Three Ways to Fail
    One Bucket Car Wash (10 - 15 tons)
    How Not to Land a Chinook
    Israeli Fire Escape System
Rod (Terry) Spinks "RM Rtd"
    New 10 Euro Coin
    The Finest Officer I Ever Served Under
    Amazing Military Pics
    Submarine Astute Update
    Where Has Your Money Gone
    The Volkswagen Assembly Plant
    RMLI Cadets at Portsmouth 1910-11
    Memories of RMB Eastney
    40 Cdo Burma camp 1963
    Merry Xmas from the Met Police
    Who are we
    Sarawak 1962_1
    Sarawak 1962_2
    RM Ringtone
    Shrinking the USMC
    Euro English
    Royal Marines future
    England has 3 New Sponsers
    Out of Africa
    Irish Garden Recliners
    Budget 2010 (March 24th)
    A True Biker (unknown) "Who is He?"
    The Green Beret Men
    The Berets Of Green
    To The Men of Arnhem
    Major General Peter Cosgrove
    Never Again
    Military History
    Rise from the Ashes
    Hello My Name is Billy
    Lease not Purchase
    If Men Wrote Advice Columns
    The World Divided
    Yacht Delivery
    Why Do we Need a House to Live in
    The Computer
    Ageing Aunt Mildred
    A Young Marine
    Job Vacancy (would suit ex Para)
    Heart Attack Grill (1) (2)
    Aussie Culture
    Dear Penis
    What is a Bastard
    From Masirah with Love
    I Hate my Job
    Alternative Investment Plan
    This Must Hurt
    Did He or Didnt He
    C5 Preparing to Take Off
    Old People Rock
    Liberty or Death
    The 10 Commandments
    C Nile Virus
    Pc or not Pc
    No more Nails
    Before and After
    Bambi & Thumper Do Exist
    Top 4 Adult Jokes
    Titanic 95 Years On in 2008
    Soldiers Xmas Poem
    The Bravery of Soldiers
    Tough Love
    Fondling in Bed
    Am I Old
    Neige, Neige, Neige
    Presidents Cars
    What the Media shows you
    Carnation milk
    What Happened
    Only been Fishing Officer
    Common Sense Gone Mad
    Crane Operator Needed in Dubai
    Black Power
    Terrorist Released
    Truck for Sale
    US Police Quotes
    Spring Classes for Men
    New Urban Assault USMC Motorcycle
    If Nelson were Alive Today
    A Different View
    Ikea takes over GM
    A Dog Named Faith
    Its Only Money
    A Moral Dilemma
    Unemployed Wife
    Jenny`s Crossed the Bar, 18th Feb 2009
    Typical ex Royal Marine
    Greg Norman v Tiger Woods
    Charlie Brown
    Fergie misses the bus
    Farm Kid Joins Marines
    Proof of abuse by our Troops
    QE2 Dartford Bridge New SPECS Cameras
    60ft Penis on Roof
    Apaches over Ipswich
    Little Old Ladies
    Council Tax
    F16 v C130
    New Ebay Facility for `Tup North of England
    When Men Were Men
    Dream On
    The Iraqi Footballer
    Manufacturing & Outsourcing
    Safety at Work Awards
    Benefit Thieves
    Sit Comfortably and be Calm
    Wedding Invite
    Why Mummy Wont Let Him be King
    Symptoms of Swine Flu
    Union Jacks
    HMS Beehive
    Dear God
    Ex RM in Oz
    Will the Dollar Fall or Not
    I Want a Floating Duckhouse
    Florida Power and Light
    Look After your Wife
    New Neighbor
    Family Photo (You Gotta be Kidding)
    When we Were Young
    All European Life Died in Auschwitz
    New Type of Tree House
    Repatriation Day 10th July 2009
    Elephant Never Forgets
    Darrell -Shifty- Powers
    Clingstone, Narragansett Bay - Rhode Island
    Japanese Tow Trucks!!!!!!!
    Salute to Denmark
    Medical Mishaps
    3 US Navy Ships
    Old Sea Dog
    Cute Cat
    KFD mmmmmm, Tasty
    Car v Cyclists
    Bucking Frilliant
    New European Union Logo / Flag
    President Mugabes Tour Bus
    New Emergency Number
    Arab Call Center
    Sorry Honey
    Feeling Unappreciated
    School Bus
    Dog 4 Sale
    University of Miami Hospital
    RM, Monument, Gibralter 28th-12-2009
    Before in 1958 and After in 2009
    Planning Permission
    Remember When You Were Young
    Its Xmas Day All is Secure
    "Craig List" Personal Ad
    Bumper Stickers
    Little Aden
    Tools Explained
    And So it Was
    Old CDO Camp Pics




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Mne David L. Allan (22)
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16 Troop, CTCRM
"Tooley Trophy Winners"

Murdered by IRA Sniper
26th July 1972

Unity Flats/Upper Library Street, West Belfast

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