Rodders & Searle get Their Recognition (inc Chairman`s Report)

Roders Darrells Day Award 2014

ROD_2014-07-07 10.50.03ROD_2014-07-07 10.50.12ROD_2014-07-07 10.50.18ROD_2014-07-07 10.50.25Well done Oppo…

Searle_1_Darrells Day 2014 Searle_2_Darrells Day 2014Well done again lads… Always make the Corp Proud…..

Chairman’s Report

Landguard Fort centre piece of our Darell’s Day Celebrations. 6th July 2014
These are not tear drops on the paper, just the remainder of the many showers that tried without success, to spoil our Parade.
My thanks, to all the members that supported the branch on the day. The Parade lined up behind the Sea Cadet Band, there were Five Standards from the Region paraded, led by the RMA Standard Bearer. John Farlie the more mobile of our RMA Members, then marched onto the Parade Area within the fort. RM Cadets and a squad of Home Guard re- enactment enthusiasts followed.
Soaking up the showers during the welcome speeches and the Padre leading the prayers, was tempted to add that there was enough water to baptize anyone that wished.
Because of the 350 years celebrations happening around the Country, RM Bands ,Demonstration Teams etc, were in great demand and unable to support our event this year.
We were able to fill the gaps with other entertainments. For the first time the Home Guard re-enactment squad were on parade. They were not filling the boots of Dads Army, allegedly but there was an uncanny resemblance to the way they drilled and looked.
We were honoured by the presence of: Major General Jeff Mason RM. (ret.). Brigadier Mike Ellis. OBE. The Chief Executive of the RMA.and Lieutenant Colonel Mark Rundle.Region President.The Mayor and Mayoress of Felixstowe and Mayor and Mayoress of Harwich.
North East Essex Branch Members Rod Spinks and Steve Searle were presented with Certificates by the Eastern Region RMA for the outstanding work carried out transforming room G10 into a Museum and information centre.
To round the day off the Royal Marine Cadet Detachment Walton Branch retained the Darells Day Trophy. The Cadets had the honour of carrying out the evening colors ceremony, which they did with dignity and respect.
There was no exception it rained on us all.

Next Darell’s Day 5th July 2015




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2 Responses to Rodders & Searle get Their Recognition (inc Chairman`s Report)

  1. rodders says:

    Thanks Oppo for the Darells day write up. Yes it fell down but as Bootnecks the show
    went on and a great show everyone put on. Hopefully next yr we may have some Corp’s members attending. Its onwards and upwards to make next years Darells day better than this.

  2. Teflon says:

    Your welcome, anything to help out you guys. Apparently next year is the time when Darrell’s day is being considered to be actually/officially recognized as a Historic Event.

    What I dont understand amongst numerous other Rtd RM`s is why has is taken 350 years for this to happen?

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