Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee Medal

The RT Hon David Cameron MP
10, Downing Street

18th February 2012.

Dear Mr.Cameron,
I write in relation to the awarding of Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee Medal and its awarding.
As a Widow of a Veteran ,( my late husband served for 22yrs and six months in the Army)I am dismayed that those that have served their Sovereign and their Country with pride and dedication are to be denied entitlement to be eligible for the Medal.

This Country prides itself on its Armed forces and recognises those that have served, however at this time, which is a landmark anniversary those that have contributed to keeping our Sovereign and the Country safe are not recognised, in fact they are overtaken by others who have not risked their lives.

The Armed forces have always had the Proxy vote, which has always been given to the Conservative party. I respectfully ask you in your position as the elected member of parliament and Prime minister of this Country to intervene in these matters so that equitability which for some has been the fabric of our Country and society may prevail.

It is my considered opinion that there should be a reversal of the decision on who is eligible to avoid any necessary discrediting of our Veterans, and their Widows.

At the moment it is evident that the only Veteran eligible for the Medal are those that have been awarded the Victoria Cross.
What of those that have served in Theatre in action abroad and Northern Ireland campaigns where our Country has been at Risk, and those that have completed long service?.

The Victoria Cross is a Medal which is awarded for exemplary exceptional circumstances ,bravery beyond and over the call of duty.

Every person who has served in our armed forces during our Sovereigns' reign should be awarded the Diamond Jubilee Medal they have all served with pride, and this medal should not just be available for those that have been awarded the Victoria Cross during their service and are now Veterans.

A Veteran is any person who has served his/her country, even for as short time as a day, a week or a year, service time for most Veterans starts from the minute they take the Queens' Shilling.

So how, is it equitable to discriminate between those that have served their Sovereign and Country with pride and fortitude over someone who is serving their community as for example a P.C.S.O?
I am not infering that P.C.S.Os do not play that part in society but it is extreme that the desicion makers, to use such a bench mark as a comparison.

I feel that the decision makers are jeopardising all that is great about our history and very fabric of our armed forces, the dignity of our Veterans, this has happened before with the Jubilee medal, it was hoped that the lessons of the past would have served the decision makers well, however it appears that the same mistake or oversight has happened again.

I ask myself was my late husband just a number, as his Widow I am saddened that his service and the service of his comrades meant nothing to his Government.

This makes a mockery of those that have served, a mockery that is viewed worldwide, and allows those that have reigned terror, on an open playing field to laugh in the face of all the armed forces personnel that have conquered and overcome those that posed a threat to our Sovereign and our Country, during our sovereigns reign.

I am appalled that the decision to side step the Veterans has been taken, it is Ironic that a lot of my late husband’s comrades will not be recognised in the celebration of her Majesty’s reign, Her Majesty until their Regiment was disbanded in 2007 was their Colonel in Chief.
Their ancestral regiments which made up the greater family to be called The Royal Green Jackets, held the most Victoria Crosses for one Regiment.

I respectfully ask that you re- consider on behalf of those that have always supported the Conservatives, and have served their Country in Theatre and peace time in the U.K and abroad, some of their duties have been standing in for civilians whilst they have gone on strike, something the Armed forces would not even consider or be allowed to do, for them duty comes first.

It is ironic that the award which celebrates her Majesty and her length of service as our sovereign, is not being awarded to those that helped keep our Sovereign and the Country she reigns over safe, for some who are not being awarded the medal they have fond memories of guarding her majesty at home in her own back yard at Buckingham Palace.

This Country used to be prided on its fair decisions, its Armed Forces and predominately its Royal Family, we still have a Sovereign and Royal family that I for one am very proud of and an armed forces and Veterans, but it saddens me that the decision makers have not been equitable and are quick to forget those that have stood firm for Queen and Country, the Armed Forces Veterans, their Widows and dependants.

I ask that you reverse this decision, not for me but for the greater good that have stood firm to give our Sovereign a safe Country to reign over.
The Veterans of our Armed Forces.
I thank you for your attention on this matter and look forward to your reply.
Yours Sincerely
Mrs Julie-Ann Rosser

Thanx Rod.......