David Hughes RM22561 Rtd

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It was around autumn last year that I bumped in to David via Email. He took on the role of Chief Editor and Poster for my other website "Locknload". Many of you would have read his wordsworth qualities and he didnt suffer fools gladly, especially those involved with the establishment. Hence his "handle" Gong Donkey.......

David was battling with severe Liver problems and in the early part of 2011 a transplant became available and he came out of that a lot luckier than most. His health gradually improved and he was in fighting spirit and enjoying life to the full. His daily ingestion of pharmaceuticals gradually diminished to a manageable amount. Gail constantly by his side and putting up with his "Gripes".......

A few weeks ago he was taken in to hospital re an unexpected Brain Aneurism. He called me via his cell phone last Wednesday 3rd hoping to get back home last weekend and was "edging nearer to the door"... I received a call from his wife Gail on Monday 8th when she told me that David had collapsed in hospital over the weekend and was basically on life support.

Today having received another email via his sister Dawne to inform all his friends from his wife Gail that;

14th August

"Peter - can you please send a round robin for Gail for Dave Hughes please?
Dave is still in NICU on a ventilator - there are no changes in his very ill condition. It is going to be a long journey
Thank you
Dawne (Gail's sister) "

29th August

"Dave is now off the ventilator, and breathing on his own via a tracheostomy. He can see and hear all around but is unable to control himself from the neck down. Hopefully his movement etc will return as the days pass. Still tubed up but unable to speak. All his cards are most welcome and are shown and read to him, a wry smile appears but he has his good and bad days. Brain scans and Liver tests are due in this week sometime then we will know exactly what condition he is in. Keep sending the cards, letters etc as this does help him and keep him in touch with the outside world and that his mates and colleagues are thinking of him.
Many Thanks
Gail (Daves wife)

17th September (16:10)

He is still in Sheffield Hallamshire hospital but is starting to make a little progress , he has been off the machines now for a couple of weeks but its taken its toll, he has a trackie tube in his throat to enable him to breathe and every day or so they block it to allow him to talk to his wife but he is having trouble controlling his breathing, what with every thing that was going on at the time when he was critical the doctors think he suffered a stroke on top of everything else which has left him with very little movement ( leg & fingers) i spoke to his son yesterday and the doc's are looking at transferring him back to a hospital near to his home which is a forward step as its about a 40 mile round trip every day for his wife and means that he doesnt need the specialist care that the Hallam provide its not great news Frank but at least he is fighting it.

17th September (23:26)

David has been transfered to Doncaster Royal Infirmary on C.C.U.ward now. He as been fed some light food & drinks todayThey have put a cuff in his trackie so he can talk a little. It is very tiring at times for him,but all positve & amove forward! Some  times he is confused &conversation drifts (doesnt make sense) but they say this can be quite normal after what he asbeen through. Its early days & a long hard journey lays ahead, but what agreat step forward in 24hrs!
Take care

8th October (03:46)

Dave moved into rehab on Monday,now the hard work begins. he is eating well and talking ok but softly sorry with the delay and update there doesn't seem to be enough hours in day at the minute!.
Take Care

16th December (17:56)

Dave now has his head back again (it now belongs to him) all is good apart from his hands and legs wont to do what he tells them to. Intense Physio is required for some time and am sure that he will shorten that as much as he is able to. So, eating, talking and watching the box and his lovely wife Gail will no doubt brighten up his Xmas. I would like to say that we all send our wishes for Xmas and the New Year. 

6th March (2012)

David is slowly coming round, still going thru intense Physio. As with James Cobby, time will be the great healer for both of them. Seeing as they are both determined the goals get ever nearer.

Keep the cards etc flowing to both of them and remind them that we are always around and thinking of them.

Foxnwolf comments;

David you old wrangler, remember it your fault that I am about to spend around £200k on a boat. You got me interested in the water at my age. So, you also remember that there is a spare seat for you, to the right of me on the Fly Bridge.......

For those of you who may have not yet sent cards, magazines etc This would now be a gesture to show that we care (any previous cards were gratefully received). Cards to David & Gail to the Address as follows;

Please keep the cards & letters flowing, to;

David & Gail Hughes

West Street

DN10 6DX

PMPT & Semper Fi.......