Any of you olde worlde Bootnecks ever do the DOORS?

During my brief illness "Steve" an old Oppo of mine visited several times and we started reminiscing about our escapades in the early to mid 70`s whilst doing "The Doors" in Plymouth in various dubious clubs usually in Union Street and others (slightly more classy) like Snobs, Top Rank (first opening night with "Hot Chocolate"), Diamond Lil`s, Fantasia and where we earned our stripes was at that infamous venue "The Roxy". The rumours that we were armed with some "sports equipment of the Hickory Handled" type are ill advised and the "Stairway to Heaven" (the long staircase you had to climb to get in to the club) was a "tactical advantage" to us waiting at the top like lions spotting their prey.

For £5 a night plus ale and a chicken basket and seeing we "worked" at these clubs in a rota hopping from one to the other and we were paid and fed better than most. Barmaids and the Door Groupies always provided company. And "assisting down the stairs" drunken foreign navy types (including our own), trawler men (prior to sailing around 02:00hrs always pissed as farts), the local population who tended to get rather excited after a few Scrumpies and finally the local law enforcement often got caught up in the brawls (especially when they were wearing civvies) and trying to act inconspicuous (thank god cell phone cameras were not around).

Our "afters" were always usually at Mr Harry`s club, yeah as Gay as they come but it was the only place we could drink till dawn and not get offered out by the local scum. The Ace of Clubs always had a collection of "Girls" if you were lonely or pissed enough.

And, finally the Mount Pleasant pub/bar at the end of Millhouse road was a calmer watering hole. Whenever you felt that some adrenalin required releasing then a short visit to the Two Trees was always in the pipeline. All the aforementioned venues had the best barmaids I have ever encountered and often wondered what they are up to now.

Maybe its time for a Classified Advert in the Plymouth Herald for a "Get Together" is on the cards. It would be interesting and memorable (Paul Waller, if you are still around and read this maybe you could organise it).

(an RM contingency, real names omitted)

Mac, Steve, Rocker, Noddy, Spike, Tony, Taff aka Pit Prop and Brum 1....... (plus 2 civvies whose names escape me) Our team Manager was Paul Waller and we often were loaned out to the late Bobby Cee (God Bless him, as Bobby passed away some years ago).

Any of you guys out there have similar experiences or I have forgotten to include you in the "Team" above, please remind me....... Otherwise go and post your memeories of The DOORS.......where ever they were, we were.......