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View Article  FORCES PENSIONS (update)


You may be interested in reading this petition and supporting it. 

The recent Forces Pension Society newsletter tells of an RPI/CPI e-petition which has been established hoping to reverse the Government's decision to link pension increases to CPI instead of RPI.  The Government will debate e-petitions that achieve 100,000 signatures, so please can you pass on the following link to ex-servicemen that you know in the hope that they'll sign it, as it affects all of us.  The link is:

View Article  At least they scrubbed up well and looked the business Armed Forces day. Blackpool. 26th June 2011

At least they scrubbed up well and looked the business

View Article  Armed Forces Day - Free carvery meal for heroes

Armed Forces Day - Free carvery meal for heroes

We’re serving up carveries fit for heroes in our pub restaurants during the week leading up to Armed Forces Day on 25th June. From Monday 20th to Saturday 25th June inclusive, we’re inviting all Service people, past and present, to enjoy their favourite roast dinner on us.

Are you Armed Forces? Print your voucher

Enjoy a meal out on us
We plan to salute the thousands of Service people enlisted to Her Majesty’s Armed Forces, by offering them a free carvery meal at a Crown Carvery of their choice. The offer is also open to all forces veterans.

Get your free carvery
Enjoying your free carvery meal couldn’t be easier. If you are Armed Forces past or present:

• Download & print your voucher
• Find your nearest Crown Carvery
• Bring along your current ID card (or veteran lapel badge)
• Enjoy a carvery main course on us

You can also download and print a voucher from our Facebook page.

It really is that simple. The hard part is choosing between roast beef, gammon or turkey, or a vegetarian alternative.

And don’t forget you can just drop by at your local Crown Carvery, there’s no need to book. Just don’t forget your voucher!

Terms & Conditions
• Offer valid from 20th June to Saturday 25th June 2011 inclusive
• Offer open to over 18’s only
• A valid Services ID or veterans badge must be shown with the voucher
• Only one ‘free carvery meal’ voucher can be redeemed per ID card or veteran’s badge
• We reserve the right to remove this offer at any time
NOTE: The Ashbank, Stoke-on-Trent will be closed to the public on Monday 20th June

Foxnwolf comments;

Here is the original link in case you think this is a Wind-up....... "Crown Carvery"
View Article  "THe Final Turn." Headley Way... Repat Parade

Roy Rigg of the Windsor RMA (RM 16245)

Roy is a close Oppo` of Rod (Terry) Spinks (16246)

View Article  HMS Illustrious back June 3rd - Life is breathed back in Lusty

HMS Illustrious returns to sea June and rejoins the fleet in July

Contrary to reports, she can still be used to fly jets. The only real physical change during the refit was the ammunition racks, which is a work-able change. 

She's also a bargain - £35m to run for the next four years. 

Life is breathed back in Lusty

23 May 2011

AFTER a £40m revamp, Britain’s only aircraft carrier will return to sea on June 3 to start down the year-long road back to front-line duties.

HMS Illustrious hasn’t been seen at sea since the beginning of 2010 when she sailed to Rosyth for a 16-month refit in the hands of Babcock.

Lusty was due to emerge from her refit as the nation’s strike carrier, taking over from HMS Ark Royal.

Last autumn’s defence review put the kibosh on those plans – and saw Ark axed as well as her Harriers. The review also meant Illustrious’ refit plans had to be re-drawn.

Instead of returning from Rosyth as a Harrier carrier, she’ll return to business as a helicopter assault ship, relieving HMS Ocean.

It took a couple of months following October’s review to incorporate the changes into Lusty’s refit, but since the turn of the year in particular, the ship has been a hive of activity.

When 2011 opened there were just 150 ship’s company (fewer than a quarter of her typical complement) living ashore at nearby HMS Caledonia.

Numbers quickly doubled and, with work sufficiently progressed and ‘domestic functions’ working once more – heating, lighting water, galleys – the sailors moved back on board on February 22  to the sound of pipe and drum.

“At that moment Lusty began to come alive once more,” said Cdr Richard Winter, the carrier’s weapon engineer officer.

Since then the ship’s company has almost doubled in size again – it’s nearly 600-strong now, just 50 or so short of the normal complement – with Capt Jerry Kyd joining as Commanding Officer from Ark Royal.

Work carried out since the revamp began early last year includes super-efficient paint applied to the hull which will mean the 20,000-ton warship will cut through the ocean faster – cutting her fuel bill in the process.

Living quarters have been spruced up, the latest MOD computer system (DII) fitted throughout the ship – no mean task as Illustrious was designed in the pre-personal computer age – 500m (1,640ft) of pipework replaced, plus 650 valves and all eight exhausts.

All well and good, but all that technology and equipment is no good without Jack and Jenny. Lusty’s sailors have been conducting extensive training: fire and flood, duty watches, firearms, personal protection, engineering trials, machinery brought back to life, the ops room, flight deck and hangar restored to normal.

At the same time Illustrious’ soul has been revived by personalising mess spaces, sporting activities, morning prayers and Sunday services, and the daily rituals of Colours and Sunset.

More than 200 Sea Cadets (including 71 in one go) have toured the carrier, as well as local VIPs and school children.

“The message from everyone aboard HMS Illustrious is clear – despite what you may read or hear: Lusty is on her way back to the Fleet,” said Cdr Winter.

“A nearly-600-strong ship’s company is working extremely hard to ensure that Illustrious sails from Rosyth on June 3rd for sea trials before rejoining the Fleet at the end of July.

“No doubt many people will be pleased to see Lusty back in her home port, proud and ready to serve the nation once again.”

After the initial period of trials and return to the Solent, Illustrious will be alongside until the autumn when rigorous trials and training begin in earnest.

She’s due to take over from Ocean as the nation’s on-call helicopter carrier from the summer of 2012.

Illustrious' ship's company move back on board. Picture: LA(Phot) Dean Nixon, HMS Illustrious

View Article  An Ungentlemanly Act.......x 12 episodes (update)

All 12 episodes of "An Ungentlemanly Act" have been moved over to Foxnwolf.com as there was far too much of a drain on data transfer from this blog site. I have placed the links below which will direct you to Foxnwolf and play the episode you wish to watch.

Otherwise just go to the "Tribute" section on Foxnwolf.com and check the links in the top left column under "Royal Marines" I have placed an extra section there for this great series concerning the Bootnecks & the Argies.

View Article  Treasured British land on US shores

Treasured British land on US shores

View Article  Submarine Astute Update

You will almost certainly have heard by now of the horrific shooting incident that occurred onboard HMS ASTUTE alongside in Southampton last Friday which resulted in the death of the WEO (Lt Cdr Ian Molyneux), the serious wounding of the MEO (Lt Cdr Chris Hodge), and the arrest of a member of the ship’s company on several counts of murder and attempted murder. I have no doubt that you have been as shocked as I was by the occurrence and I thought that you might appreciate a little background and perspective against which to frame your understanding of what occurred and how it is now being managed.......

Full Report/Update.......
View Article  Bootneck Hero

Shopkeeper praised by judge for 'bravery'

A shopkeeper who fought off a masked knife-wielding robber has been praised by a judge.

The High Court in Edinburgh heard that Edward McGinnis, 68, pulled the scarf hiding the attacker's face, hit him with a baseball bat and drove him out of the store in Bo'ness.

The lawyer defending Stephen Garven, said: "He commendably took the law into his own hands."

Lord Malcolm said Mr Mcginnis had responded with "admirable bravery".

Start Quote Micheal Stuart Prosecuting

Mr McGinnis pulled at the scarf to uncover the accused's face before striking him on the body with a baseball bat which he retrieved from behind the counter”

End Quote Micheal Stuart Prosecuting

Jailing Garven, 22, for four years, the judge told him: "Mr McGinnis responded with admirable bravery by pulling the scarf from your face, ignoring the large knife you were brandishing and chasing you off with a baseball bat."

At an earlier hearing, the High Court in Edinburgh was told that Mr McGinnis had been unable to stop Garven fleeing with £170, but his actions had enabled police to recognise Garven's face from the store's CCTV security camera.

Defence advocate Derrick Nelson said Mr McGinnis also recognised Garven as a customer at the shop.

The lawyer said, Garven was desperate because he was being hounded over a drug debt and threatening messages had been left on the telephone answering machine at his mother's house.

Garven appeared from custody and admitted the raid on the Hillcrest Store in Bo'ness, West Lothian, on 4 December last year.

Advocate depute Michael Stuart, prosecuting, told the court how Mr McGinnis was left in charge of the family-run shop.

During the afternoon a man bought tobacco while Garven lurked outside.

When Mr McGinnis opened the till to give the customer change, Garven rushed in yelling to the shopkeeper not to close the till and brandishing a kitchen knife.

'Dire straights'

Garven then leaned over and grabbed a handful of £10 and £20 notes.

The court heard that the accused wore a black scarf which covered his neck and face to just below the eyes.

Mr Stuart said: "Mr McGinnis pulled at the scarf to uncover the accused's face before striking him on the body with a baseball bat which he retrieved from behind the counter."

When police caught up with Garven he told them he was in "dire straights" because he owed £650 to drug dealers in Glasgow.

When he realised that police were after him he panicked and threw the cash and the clothes he had been wearing into the sea.

The court heard that Garven had a record for break-ins and also has previous convictions for assault and carrying weapons.

Eds Local News

Foxnwolf comments;

Well done Eddie. Polish it up for the next one.......

click here for your baseball bat from £25.99 including vat for 33inches of Canadian Ash & American Maple = "bloody hard bat"


The Army and the Royal Navy today released the details of their redundancy programme to their personnel. The specific trades and branches of each service which are affected by the first tranche of the redundancy programme, along with the numbers being sought from each area have been announced.


In October, following the SDSR the MOD announced that it would be reducing the number of military personnel by 17,000 across all three services; 7,000 from the Army, 5,000 from the Royal Navy and 5,000 from the RAF. While some of these reductions will be achieved through a decrease in recruiting and not replacing those who leave, there will still need to be around 11,000 redundancies. Each service will run a number of redundancy tranches over the next four years with reductions planned to be fully achieved by April 2015.


Although this is a compulsory programme, volunteers will be sought.

The Army has identified 150 redundancy fields by looking at where the Army is in surplus now and where it will still be in surplus in 2015. For this first tranche, there will be approximately 1,000 redundancies, half of which are expected to be volunteers. About 25% of those being made redundant in this tranche will be officers, but no one with less than 8 years experience will be made redundant.

The first tranche of redundancies for the Royal Navy will result in a total of around 1600 redundancies from across a variety of the Naval Service’s specialisations and branches, and will include ratings and officers up to the rank of Captain. Those selected will be Officers from the Engineering, Medical, Warfare and Logistics Branches as well as Junior Ratings and Senior Ratings from a variety of Branches.

View Article  Make Forces Pensions Past & Present Tax Free
A request that I received

Tez Watson, RAF Rtd

Dear Peter

A friend of both you and I, Keir Hardie (RM ret'd) suggested that I contact you to see if you might be willing to help the above cause by publicising it through your network of contacts/websites.

A recent post - He took a job knowing he would never get rich. He's missed out on many holidays and special occasions in order to protect lives. He was expected to lay down his life or take a life if necessary. It has been proven that his life expectancy is shorter than yours because of everything he went through. And some think he's not deserving of his pension, or health care benefits. (This also applies to service ladies, of course.)

Mick Clarke an ex-RLC Sergeant has had a pretty rough time of it and is suffering badly from the consequences of his long service career. He has found life very tough since being leaving the mob and started the cause on Facebook to try and help others like him as much as for his own benefit. There are many ex-servicemen and women that deserve better having given so much for their country (and other countries!) and they seem to be at the bottom of the heap when it comes to support from the government - the druggies, the  spongers and the scroungers seem to fare much better having given nothing...

The aim is to try and recruit 100,000 members and then try to convert them a quickly as possible to signatories to a Westminster petition (once it is launched). The window for the e-petition is limited and if it can get 100,000 signatories then apparently a question must be raised in parliament. We also would like to locate well-known faces that have a military career/background be they sports/media/entertainment/politics/etc - anyone willing to help to bring the cause the attention of the media.

I have suggested that a formal parade of ex-servicemen could be organised in London (taking the route of the Remembrance Day parade) - though given recent peaceful protests being hijacked I'm not so sure. However, it could be possible and the event could pay it's respects to the fallen as it would pass the Cenotaph. It may not be easy to mobilise ex-servicemen but if there's a potential financial benefit to them all it may just prove possible.

For my part I served in the RAF for 21 years as an aircraft technician reaching the dizzy heights of Sergeant in 1989 and serving on until 1997. I saw this cause and decided to get involved as I am fit (?) and able unlike many of our former colleagues.

Please take a moment to visit this website and if you can assist in any way, no matter how small your support would be much appreciated.


Kindest Regards

Tez Watson

Foxnwolf comments;

Thanx Tez for contacting me, I fully support this cause (not that I need the cash but for rightly those that do) If there is anything else you want me to post just let me know.......

PMPT & Semper Fi.......

View Article  Wear Your Poppy With Pride - Online Petition
Wear Your Poppy With Pride - Online Petition

There is a young lady, only 18 years old who was on the TV wanting 100,000 signatures to support her campaign against employers who would not allow her to wear her poppy on poppy day at work.

We all know this country has gone daft but this is to much. On this day when a Muslim was fined £50 for burning our poppies and shouting death to our British soldiers, our boys and girls, our fellow countrymen and women, enough is enough.

I hope you vote and (click onto the link below) and also exhaust the 500 words allowed for your opinion. Please circulate this email to as many as you can, so it makes them at 10, Downing Street sit up, wake up and take notice and bloody do some thing useful for a change.

View Article  Brits to The Rescue
HMS Cumberland

Only the Brits could send a Royal Navy ship named after a pork sausage to rescue British citizens from a Muslim country!
God speed HMS Cumberland




View Article  The only Royal Marine EVER to win Distinguished Flying Medal

The only Royal Marine EVER to win Distinguished Flying Medal

No other Royal Marine will ever win the medal again as it has now been withdrawn

The only Royal Marine decorated with the coveted Distinguished Flying Medal following the end of his astonishing 38-year career.

Lt Cdr William O'Brien - known as Uncle Bill and one of the finest military men of his generation - flew missions in Afghanistan last year aged 54, the oldest pilot there.

Prior to that his military service involved six tours of Northern Ireland, the Falklands - where he won his rare DFM for valour and courage - and then Iraq in the 1990s.

Lt Cdr William O'Brien on the day of his retirement from the Royal Marines in 1999
Lt Cdr William O'Brien - known as Uncle Bill and one of the finest military men of his generation - flew missions in Afghanistan last year aged 54, the oldest pilot there
Lt Cdr William O'Brien, seen with an impressive array of medals on his retirement day from the Royal Marines in 1999 (top), flew missions in Afghanistan last year aged 54, the oldest pilot there

No other Royal Marine will ever win the DFM because it is no longer awarded

O'Brien in the pilot's seat of a helicopter at U.S. Army base Fort Rucker in Dale County, Alabama
O'Brien in the pilot's seat of a helicopter at U.S. Army base Fort Rucker
in Dale County, Alabama

O'Brien, who was also a major in the army air corps and marines and a Lieutenant Commander in the Royal Navy, joined the Royal Marines in 1972.

He was awarded the King's Badgeman badge as the best all round marine of his troop, No. 29 King's Squad.

Following four tours to Northern Ireland his career literally took off when he qualified as an air gunner.

He then gained his wings in 1981 and won the Bob Bowles Trophy for being the best student.

O'Brien delivering ammunition to British troops on the settlement of Goose Green in Lafonia on East Falkland in 1982
The heroic pilot delivering ammunition to British troops on the settlement of Goose Green in Lafonia on East Falkland in 1982. O'Brien won his rare Distinguished Flying Medal for valour and courage in the Falklands War

Following two more tours of Belfast he headed to the Falklands and won his DFM.

The London Gazette on October 8, 1982 recorded: 'During the attack on Darwin and Goose Green Sergeant O'Brien piloted a Gazelle helicopter.

For two days his helicopter conducted supply and casualty evacuation operations, often under enemy fire.

He also took part in 17 night flying sorties to evacuate wounded personnel and resupply vital ammunition.

At times these sorties necessitated flying forward to company lines in the heat of battle and in appalling weather.

The conspicuous gallantry and cool professionalism displayed on all these occasions was superb and Sergeant O'Brien made an outstanding contribution.' 

O'Brien receiving his Green Beret in 1972. He started as a Royal Marine commando in the 70s before learning to fly helicopters in the Army Air Corp
O'Brien receiving his Green Beret in 1972. He started as a Royal Marine commando in the 70s before learning to fly helicopters in the Army Air Corp

He said afterwards: 'We flew a number of sorties mostly at night in an armed Gazelle, not that we ever used the rockets in anger.

'I am not sure how effective they would have been if we had - they had a fairly basic aiming system just a chinagraph cross on the aircraft windscreen.

'It was the early days of night vision devices.

'They were fairly rudimentary and we taught ourselves how to use them on the way down.' 

After the Falklands, O'Brien qualified on the Lynx helicopter and in 1984 passed as a flying instructor, once again winning the best student award.

He then served in Turkey and Iraq in Operation Haven then became a flying instructor in the US.

In 2008 he was commissioned into the Royal Navy Reserve with the rank of Lieutenant Commander, and volunteered for Afghanistan.

He said at the time: 'I was given an opportunity to deploy and felt obliged to take it, simply because I am still training Apache pilots and I need to see what they are expected to do when they come out of training school.' 

Asked about the differences between flying in Afghanistan and the Falklands, Lt Cdr O'Brien said: 'The intensity is more than I was expecting and is more than I recollect from the other place.

'It is full on all the time. I fly an Apache so I don't feel terribly threatened, although the flying environment is quite hard work sometimes.'

O'Brien flying a helicopter on pre-deployment training at Gila Bend Air Force Auxiliary Field in Arizona, U.S., before a mission in Afghanistan
O'Brien flying a helicopter on pre-deployment training at Gila Bend Air Force Auxiliary Field in Arizona, U.S., before a mission in Afghanistan

Now, the married family man who lives in Somerset, is considering a new career and is putting his six medals, photographs and mementoes up for auction.

'Major O'Brien had an astonishing career with the marines, army and navy and was flying in operations at the age of 54.

'In the Falklands he was there to save lives and more recently in Afghanistan he's been more offensive.

'He came top of the class in pretty much everything he did and of course won his DFM during the Falklands war.

'He has a wife and children and just wants to embark on a new career. He is a lovely, down-to-earth man who has mentioned writing a book about his career.' 

This is the impressive medal set resulting from one of Britain's most glittering military careers

The DFM was introduced in 1918 as the other ranks' equivalent to the DFC, which was awarded to commissioned and warrant officers.

It ceased to exist after 1993

View Article  An extract from Mills & Boon's latest novel
With writing like this, there really is no need for pictures

"We met in a secluded field, the sun almost kissing the horizon. The warm breeze was full of that earthy, musky scent, that only those fortunate to live outside the urban rat race know, and the quiet whispering of leaves in the weeping willow overhead added the final touch to the most romantic scene.

We lay there, both naked. I knew that I had to have her, and have her now.

Without a word being spoken, I moved into a position of dominance. I could feel instantly that this was what she was waiting for, as she frantically thrust her pelvis at my approaching organ. I moved slowly at first, inch by inch, until I was fully inside her.

Then, as the tension rose, we threw caution to the wind, and abandoned ourselves to the moment. 

Although inexperienced, she approached every change of position with enthusiasm, moaning with despair, every time I withdrew to prevent myself from ending it all too soon.

As the sexual tension heightened towards the inevitable, mind-blowing climax, it was all I could do to hold out any longer. Finally, the moment that we had been building towards was upon us, and passed all too quickly.

Breathlessly we rolled together in the now damp grass. As the last deep orange glow of the long setting sun melted into the darkness of approaching night, we lay there still entwined in an amorous embrace.  I kissed her long and lovingly, and whispered reassurance of how good she had been.

She tenderly and sensuously licked my inner ear, then whispered ""Baaaaaaaa"" and rejoined the flock."

Scroll down to continue;

This novel is only for sale in New Zealand, Australia, Wales, Ballymena and certain parts of Yorkshire and Derbyshire.

View Article  38 Warrant Officers in the British Army "Fired by Email"
38 Warrant Officers in the British Army "Fired by Email"

Both the Ministry of Defence and the Army have apologised for "causing distress" after 38 soldiers - including one serving in Afghanistan - were sacked by email.

The warrant officers who were dismissed by email were told it was because the Army also needed to make savings.

The message to the men read: "I write to notify you that with regret, I must issue you with 12 months' Notice of Termination.

"As I'm sure you are aware the Army has to make significant cutbacks and we... are expected to play our part in reductions."

The 38 warrant officers - the highest non-commissioned rank - all have at least 20 years' service and continue in the Army on a rolling contract.

However, The Sun claimed one of the veteran soldiers received the bad news while on the front line in Afghanistan.

An Army spokesperson said: "We apologise for the distress that this will have caused.

British troops in Afghanistan
All the men have at least 20 years' service with the British Army

"Commanding officers have now spoken to the soldiers concerned to ensure that they receive all necessary advice and support."

The MoD has been quick to point out this was not a mistake on the part of civil servants or ministers - but a mistake in terms of sequencing made by the Army.

Army sources said the individual responsible for the gaffe would be spoken to by the chain of command about the need to be sensitive in these matters.

When their contracts are up in a year's time, the servicemen will get their full re-settlement package and thousands of pounds towards future training.

Despite this, shadow defence secretary Jim Murphy said getting fired in such a way was unforgivable.

"To be sacked by email is a shameful and callous way to be treated.


This is typical of the governments attitude towards our armed forces. Apart from the offending email re "38 Warrant Officers in the British Army Fired by Email". How about;

"Who sent the email"

"Who gave permission for that signal to be sent"

I hope that the person who pressed the "ENTER" button that sent the message winging thru to the unsuspecting 38 W.O.`s also gets notified that they are going to loose their job.

Who ever it is SHOULD BE FIRED....... whether its a Civil Servant or Government Minister they should be out of the door, nothing more and nothing less.


View Article  Live RPG removed from soldier
Live RPG removed from soldier

The story is about Channing Moss, who was impaled by a live RPG Warhead during a Taliban ambush while on patrol.  Army protocol says that medivac choppers are never to carry anyone with a live round in him.  Even though they feared it could explode, the flight crew said damn the protocol and flew him to the nearest aid station..  Again, protocol said that in such a case the patient is to be put in a sandbagged area away from the surgical unit, given a shot of morphine and left to wait (and die) until others are treated. Again, the medical team ignored the protocol.  Here's a short video put together by the Military Times, which includes actual footage of the surgery where Dr. John Oh, a Korean immigrant who became a naturalized citizen and went to West Point, removed the live round with the help of volunteers and a member of the EOD (explosive ordinance disposal) team.  Moss has undergone Six operations but is doing well at home in Gainesville , GA. I think you'll find the video absolutely remarkable.
View Article  Tom Walker
Tom Walker

With sadness, Tom has passed on...

From ex Sigs` to Snr Sgt. Great guy, intelligent, smart, very helpful, good instructor and signaller. Finally, very friendly...

PMPT (Keith Talbot & Danny Shepherd) 
View Article  We deserve a say......in your face political ad
I don't want this to be a rant but........

Isn't it time we all had a say on the EU? now before you go yawn and think about turning away......please just give me 2 mins

Whether you are Eurosceptic or Europhile.....or whatever 'camps' and labels they have been given........shouldn't we open up the debate on this huge issue. I don't mean a huge political debate in the Westminster Village but by ordinary citizens. The whole EU project has gone beyond ordinary folk understanding. Most people know it is out there but think of it in some sort of parrallel universe. The debate then gets hi-jacked by either the political elite who speak spin-bollocks-complicated languages or by people from both sides  with such strong views on either side of the argument, it becomes too much to take on.

But seeing as we are entering an age of massive austerity cuts, price hikes, and 'every one tighten your belts' era, surely we should rethink how we go about our business. Our relationship with the EU affects everyone in the UK. The news coming out of the Eurozone isn't great. Things aren't going to get any better in 2011. We know that the relationship with the EU costs billions of £'s. Now whether this is good value for money or not, the sheer scale of the relationship means we need to re-evaluate the situation (just as everything else - so we are being told by the politicians). I think the debate needs to come out into the open - information (that everyone understands) needs to be shared and then the people of the UK should be given a vote to decide, once and for all, what we want.

Personally, I think we would be better off out of the political EU and free to form our own relationships with countries around the world. I would prefer to see us forming closer relationships with the commonwealth. I think it is time to leave the EU and move forward into something new......something better. If we left the EU, I wouldn't want to go 'back' to anything ie back to where we we were before we signed up to the original deal back in the ealry 70's.....yes, have the free-trade agreement but have that with the rest of the world. If we left the EU, the Germans won't stop buying British goods. We won't stop buying French cheese - shit, I want the French to be French and the Germans to be Germans.....and the Spanish to be Spanish...yadda yadda.

Anyway, that is why I run the EU Referendum Campaign. We want the man on the street to understand. That is why we haven't targeted our campaign at the Westminster Village - we keep all our literature free from party politics, left-wing or right-wing bullshit, or rabid rants. We already have the largest active database amongst all eurosceptic campaigns in the UK. The campaign HQ is staffed by professional campaigners, our spokesperson is an ex-LBC radio DJ who speaks to the British public in the language they all understand. We have unrivalled resources, completely independent and won't back down from political pressure from any of the Westminster Village.

But the most important campaign we are running is The Pledge. It is a completely neutral campaign calling for a Referendum. We welcome people from all sides (pro-EU and anti-EU) to join to call for a national referendum so the issue can be brought out in the open, discussed and voted on. We want to organise meetings in universities, town halls, pubs, work places etc where the whole EU project can be debated and arguments put across.
We have written to every MP to see where they stand on the issue. We are now receiving all the answers from them. The MP's that don't agree with our call fro a referendum will be targeted by our campaign. We will go to their constituency office (when they are there) and make our voice heard. We will ask everyone on our database in the constituency to write to the local media, attend protests outside the offices, take part in town hall debates in the constituency, hand out leaflets in the area, etc etc. We will work with the local media to get the exposure. We will work with all the local pubs and local groups to organise events to raise the campaign. Once the sitting MP sees with his/her own eyes how the people really feel, then they will take note. You can have 10,000 people outside the Houses of Parliament and the politicians won't take a blind bit of notice.....but if they see a few hundred people in their own constituancy kicking up a fuss, they will surely take note.

The politcians are hoping this issue will go away.....but it won't.

I know that I havent covered all the areas on this page.....but like I said, it is too complicated a subject to go on and on.

The only way we can win, is for the people to get involved. I hope the attached advert can appear on this posting (thanks Ed :-)) but it is ad from the New Statesman this week and also on the back cover (outside facing) of he House magazine which goes out to all MP's and Peers tomorrow.

Please join up to our campaign on www.eureferendumcampaign.com and don't forget to sign The Pledge - thanks
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View Article  Veteran Imposter Arthur Rex Crane - Jailed
Veteran Imposter Arthur Rex Crane

Minister for Veterans’ Affairs, Warren Snowdon, welcomed the outcome of the case against veteran imposter Arthur Rex Crane handed down in the Brisbane District Court today.

Mr Crane has today pleaded guilty to defrauding the Commonwealth and ordered to pay back more than $413,000 for falsely claiming he was a prisoner of the Japanese during the Second World War,” Mr Snowdon said.

Mr Crane has been sentenced to four years jail and can be released after serving six months upon entering a good behaviour bond for four years.  He was also ordered to pay the Commonwealth more than $413,000 in falsely claimed pension.

“The Australian Government takes very seriously the recognition and respect of those who have served our country and has no tolerance for those who fraudulently claim that recognition,” Mr Snowdon said.

“The Department of Veterans’ Affairs works hard to ensure that veterans receive their lawful entitlements.  All allegations of fraud are investigated thoroughly.”

The Department has a dedicated compliance section that investigates all suspected cases of fraudulent activity.  Other ongoing measures that act as a deterrent are proof of identify checks, and departmentally initiated reviews.

“Incidences of fraud are very isolated and today’s sentence should be a warning about the serious penalties involved in defrauding the Commonwealth,” Mr Snowdon said.

View Article  Happy Crimbo 2010 Oppo`s

View Article  Tony Blair - don'cha just love him ?
It gives me no pleasure to reiterate that I loathed and detested this man and all he stood for when he came to public prominence prior to the 1997 election. But, dear reader, please persevere with me and read on.
Many of you may remember that, when he was elected for the first time he said in one speech, " This could be the first ever government who never had to send its sons to war". Now, if you don't know how many he committed us to and how many deaths that he (increasingly, as it gradually appears) is responsible for, then go on the web and count them ! And besides counting the servicemen in bodybags, just imagine the wounded and the countless deaths of innocent people that were the true cost of this man's riches.
Some would suggest that the Iraq War and Afghanistan occurred because he was so far up George W. Bush's rear-end that he was star struck with his popularity in America ........ who will forget his quote, "We, as a country, are prepared to pay the "Blood Price"". I'll bet he didn't even cut himself shaving here in the UK !
He reminds me of one of the Disciples in the Biblical fairy stories - the one who denied Christ ( as in "we don't do God") even though he was paving his way to Catholicism ! He took ( and is still taking) the Septic Tanks for  ride, too !
You want to see his true long-term aim ?
Then Click Here

It is an Australian report originally from the UK's Financial Times.
This creature was never an admirer of Thatcher - more an admirer of Harold Wilson whose only ambition was to be Prime Minister and if it had been the Tories who offered him an easier path, then Wilson would have been a Tory. But to be fair to Wilson, flawed man that he was, he was no Blair - AND he courted displeasure from America by refusing to involve us in the unwinnable war in Viet-Nam.

Now tell me Blair is not the self-serving prostitute that he appeared to be - tell me that he is not one of the most scheming, evil bastards that walked on this earth. He is - just very skillful at hiding it. With the willing support of The Wide Mouthed Frog, Cruella de Ville, that he is wedded to. Congratulations, you too - at least by staying married you cannot make two others unhappy !
View Article  MoD officials have cancelled Christmas
SCROOGE MoD officials have cancelled Christmas for our brave troops by BANNING morale-boosting parties

Cracker flak ... troops partying last Christmas

Commanding officers at home and on the frontline have been ordered NOT to spend their festive allowance on turkey dinners or carol concerts

They get £30 a year per soldier to splash out on spirit-raising events "such as Junior Soldiers' Christmas Lunch", official guidance says.

But penny-pinching civil servants insist the cash must be spent on something else this year because of last month's crippling defence cuts

The Ministry of Defence edict - leaked to The Sun - was written by Peter Whitehead, deputy head of the MoD's Financial Management Policy and Development.

It reads: "It is improper to spend taxpayers' funds on Christmas trees, decorations, carol concerts or parties.

"Team-building or unit cohesiveness events during Christmas would be viewed by taxpayers as partying at their expense and must be avoided."

It adds: "As always, we want to ensure that the Department does all it can to avoid any adverse Parliamentary or media attention on this topic."

Tory MP Patrick Mercer, a former Army CO, last night branded the decision "cowardice".

He said: "At the stroke of a bureaucrat's pen, centuries of tradition have been swept away for tommies and their officers.

"It is a nasty bit of penny-pinching - narrow-minded cowardice from people who would never face the dangers that our fighting men and women have to. My stomach is churning."

The ban is all the more shameful because the MoD has rung up a £38billion debt through its own incompetence

More than 17,000 military jobs were axed in last month's review in the toughest defence cuts in two decades.

Ships, aircraft carriers, tanks and the entire Harrier jump jet fleet were also put on the scrapheap.

MoD officials last night insisted that special Christmas dinners will still be laid on out of MoD funds for all troops serving in the Afghan badlands.

A ministry spokesman added: "The restriction placed on public funds is even more necessary this year given the current financial situation."

Original Link

View Article  The "Forgotten Fourteen"
The "Forgotten Fourteen"

Vigil ... Kier Hardie at new memorial in Forres
Day thirteen

Vigil ... Kier Hardie at new memorial in Forres

FORMER Marine Keir Hardie is staging a one-man demo at a war memorial in a bid to save RAF Lossiemouth

Keir, 58, has so far braved 13 days of rain and snow to stand in protest against defence cuts which have already doomed the nearby RAF Kinloss base.

He launched his vigil at the new plinth in Forres, dedicated to the 14 Kinloss airmen who were killed in the 2006 Nimrod crash over Afghanistan. Last night he said: "Somebody has to stand up somewhere."

Each day of his two-week protest - which ends today - is designed to honour one of the victims of the jet disaster.

Dad-of-one Keir described the Government's decision to axe Kinloss and now threaten Lossiemouth as "madness". He added: "It insults the men and their families."

THE Scottish Sun's Keep The RAF In Moray window stickers are available in Lossiemouth, Elgin and Forres.

You can join our campaign by downloading a special RAF poster

Click here to print our poster

Original link for above story

Day Fourteen

continued`....... The "Forgotten Fourteen" the story.......

Day One

After the Forres Rememberance Day Parade on Sunday, when the troops and crowds had left, I stood by the new memorial for an hour. I have my own protest placard. It is A4.

It says;
David cameron`s Forgotten Fourteen. The Defence Review is Wrong; Tactically, Economically, Morally.  Save RAF Kinloss & RAF Lossiemouth.
I also got to speak with some of the families of the 14. It was heartbreaking beyond belief. I am an ex Royal Marine, I dont mind the cold.  I`m pushing 60 but am able to give several hours each day until the 25th of November. I`m doing several hours per day for 14 days. This is a day each for the fourteen.

I only live a few hundred yards away and, although I work part time for Ark Housing as a Support Worker, I am glad to give my time to be part of the necessary fight. I will carry on doing a few hours on my todd each day. I am using a small A4 placard so that people have to come close to read it and then they can be aware of the importance of the memorial. If RAF Kinloss was so important 4 years ago to give the Nimrods and the men who died how can it now be just an unnecessary expense and thus be closed.?

It is an insult to fourteen dead servicemen. And, of course, to those who still serve.
Keep your powder dry. Keir Hunter Hardie RM Rtd.


p.s. my protest is a silent protest because if I start ranting at people I`ll lose it, probably start swearing and I dont want to demean the dignity of the memorial. I would appreciate any support, whether here or directly to the MOD.......

I am writing to ask if any of your reader`s know what will become of the commemerative stain glass church window in the Church at RAF Kinloss and how will relatives be able to retain the connection with their bereaved ones if the station is closed?
  I would also like to quote the following;
1944. The Under Secretary of State for Air, The Right Hon Harold Balfour MP said
"Hats off to Coastal Command who, day and night, whatever the weather, fly the oceans on the allotted duties....Theirs is the physically arduous and equally hazardous job of flying far out in the front Line..."
2010. The deputy Prime Minister,Nick Clegg. MP said
"Were not going to abandon the families and communities which are dependent for their jobs and their livlihood on those bases."
2010. The prime Minister, Rt Hon David cameron MP said
"RAF Kinloss would no longer be required."
2010. Keir Hardie, RM Rtd says
     The Prime Minister has taken the Great out of Britain and the United out of Kingdom. He has insulted the servicemen of Moray who died in WW2, The 2 who died in 1995. The 7 who died in 1995. The 14 who died in 2006. My personal thanks and sympathies go to all of you families who have given so much. I understand your hurt at the contemptuous manner in which you have been treated. I also respect and admire your quiet strength and determination. We are all proud of you.


Friday went well. I was there till half 3. Spoke to many people. A young couple with a sprog appeared. She had brought me a coffee to keep me warm. They had just moved up to Kinloss and bought a house.. he`s in the RAF . now they dont know what their future will be. So,  I`m happy to be here.

My last day is next saturday (27th) and, by happy co-incidence - it is when the memorial is being Dedicated. One of the widows, who was a prime mover of the fund to get the memorial came for a chat. She has asked me to attend the Dedication. Off soon to do todays stint. then only 7 days to go. Roll on summer.

Regards Keir.

View Article  Marines Unveil Monument To Their Fallen

Marines Unveil Monument To Their Fallen

A new memorial dedicated to members of 40 Commando Royal Marines who have given their lives for their country was unveiled this week at their base, Norton Manor Camp near Taunton.

The memorial, made of granite by a Taunton stonemason, was paid for after a groundswell of public support for the unit which has recently returned from operations in Afghanistan.

The black, globe-shaped memorial was blessed by the unit's chaplain, Andrew Rawding, at a special ceremony attended by some of the families of the 14 Marines who have died in Afghanistan, civilian fundraisers including Royal Marines Association branches, and the Mayor of Taunton, Jefferson Horsley.

Lieutenant Colonel Paul James, 40 Commando's Commanding Officer, thanked the fundraisers and others who helped build the memorial garden site. He said: "It is very moving to be here and to think this beautiful memorial and the garden was all made possible only through the generosity and kindness of people who undertook it all while we were out in Afghanistan, largely without our knowledge.

"Both local people and others throughout the country helped raise money. It is a source of added pride to know that we have so much support, especially when people are giving their lives in combat."

A slow-growing memorial tree and dedicated plaque is planned for each of the fatalities in Afghanistan.

Claire Marsh and her young daughter Molly, aged four, the widow and daughter of Royal Marine David Marsh, who died in a roadside bomb blast in 2008, placed flowers at his tree and plaque. Claire said:

"This garden is a lovely place to come and pay tribute to David. He was killed by an IED when driving with his colleague and friend Lieutenant John Thornton on patrol with the Fire Support Group.

"They were both killed together. The garden is an ideal place to meet other families and I have spoken to John's family today. It is very comforting to share this support. It makes me extra proud of David to be here part of the ceremony with Molly."

Lt Col James added: "It is a particularly proud moment to help launch the memorial and garden. It is a good place for families, friends and colleagues to come and reflect on the lives of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

"There is a sense of sorrow at this ceremony, but mixed with pride for what has been achieved by those with great valour, courage and selfless sacrifice.

"However, families who have lost sons will find that they have gained many others through support of the family of the Royal Marines, both past and present."

Graham Rees, of the Bridgwater branch of the Royal Marines Association, helped build the memorial garden paths and set up the tree memorials. He said: "My previous unit was 40 Commando, so I have a great affinity for them. Our branch donated £250 to the fund because we veterans feel every death. When one falls in battle we all feel that loss like a family.

"You can take the man out of the Marines but not the Marine out of the man, and this applies through your life."

View Article  Courageous Royal Marine honoured by his community
Royal Marine Warrant Officer Class 1 Matt Tomlinson has been made freeman of his hometown, Street in Somerset - the first ever honorary freeman of the area

Royal Marine Warrant Officer Class 1 Matt Tomlinson, wife Sharon, daughter Ellis, and sons Daniel Brian and Harvey parade through Street in a 1916 La France open-topped car

Hundreds of Street residents turned out to cheer and wave flags as the parish council conferred the distinction to recognise WO1 Tomlinson's operational awards - the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross (CGC) and Military Cross (MC) - and his achievements over the years within the Royal Marine Corps.

Before the formal presentation ceremony at which he received the scroll of the freedom of the village of Street from parish council leader Bryan Beha, there was a parade along the High Street in which WO1 Tomlinson and his family travelled in a 1916 La France open-topped car with well-wishers lining the streets and a marching band leading the way.

WO1 Tomlinson was joined for the day by his proud family: wife Sharon, daughter Ellis, aged 14, and sons Daniel Brian, aged five, and Harvey, aged seven.

WO1 Tomlinson, from 1 Assault Group Royal Marines, based at HM Naval Base Devonport, said:

"The day was fantastic, a real honour to be granted the status in a town where I grew up from the age of two until I joined the Corps.

"About 300 people lined the High Street to witness the event. And the same amount attended the ceremony at Elmhurst School in Street. At the school a presentation was delivered by the school's year-five children about my life in Street and my career in the Corps.

Warrant Officer Class 1 Matthew Tomlinson
Warrant Officer Class 1 Matthew Tomlinson was awarded the Military Cross for his bravery under enemy fire in Afghanistan and the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross for a mission in Iraq in 2006

"The parish councillor read portions of my citations for the CGC and the MC."It really was a great day and an opportunity to thank the people of Street for their support to myself and the wider Armed Forces. A collection was also made for the RN/RM [Royal Navy/Royal Marines] charities which raised approximately £400."In May this year WO1 Tomlinson was awarded the MC by Prince Charles in a ceremony at Buckingham Palace - one of the highest honours for bravery in the country.

The award was for a tour of duty in Helmand province in Afghanistan when, as a member of 3 Commando Brigade, WO1 Tomlinson braved grenades and gunfire to rescue an injured soldier and retrieve the body of another comrade killed in an explosion.

He was also awarded the CGC for a mission in Iraq in 2006, after his actions under fire saved the lives of the 16-strong US Marine Corps assault force he was commanding.

WO1 Tomlinson was raised in Street where he still lives with his wife and three children, and was nominated for the village freemanship by local resident Rose Stuckey. This was willingly endorsed by the parish council as recognition of his outstanding bravery."We all enjoy our freedom here, but we are all aware that freedom isn't free - it is bought for us by the people who are willing to fight for it."

Warrant Officer Class 1 Matt Tomlinson in the turret of a Viking armoured vehicle in Afghanistan

The pupils at Elmhurst School, as part of their presentation, said:

"He told us that he is not a hero, but people think he is because he risked his own life to save others. He told us that his heroes are his wife, and the younger Marines."

In his acceptance speech, WO1 Tomlinson paid tribute to 40 Commando Royal Marines, who recently returned to their barracks in Taunton after losing 14 of their ranks:

"I ask that you join me in welcoming them home, and that you remember everything they've done, remember their injured and never forget the fallen," he said.

Thanking his family for their support he also paid tribute to two colleagues, including one of his friends who had fallen in battle on his third tour of Afghanistan:

"Thank you all, each and every one of you, for this honour. Thank you Street for all of the memories that have kept me going through tough times and memories I have called on when I've been in the middle of action to keep me strong and keep me going.

"Thank you all for being here, your support is appreciated, and believe me, it is felt by us all."

2nd Nov` 2010

View Article  Soldiers' Pensions v Killed in Action
Soldiers' Pensions - Killed in Action

Hi all. PLEASE can you all sign this petition for soldiers pensions on the link below and pass on to all of your friends and families. For those of you who don't know Sgt Matty Telford was killed 3rd Nov 2009 by a rogue Afghan Policeman. Now you will all remember him from the news as 'Sergeant' Matty Telford but the army give his children his pension at corporal rate because he was sergeant for less than a year. The unfairness of this is that he was promoted so he could do this job in Afghan and had he not been promoted he would have been doing a different job and may have been with us today. After this petition was started it came to light that this is happening to a lot of our brave heroes families.

View Article  Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor; Rich Man, Poor Man, Beggarman, Thief !
For all the words spoken by Members of Parliament, for all the flying visits to Afghanistan, especially pre-election ( even though proxy voting for troops deployed could not be organised), for all the crocodile tears ......... this is an example of where you, as service personnel, actually stand in their estimation.

Click Here

Contrast this with how many of these parasites were packed in to the Commons during the debates on their expenses and the abusing of the new expenses regulatory body.
I wonder where all the MPs appeared from at the division bell to achieve those voting figures.

View Article  The E.U. referendum campaign
Please, give this a few minutes of your time - I think that it is important if not for you, then for your children and grandchildren
Have a look at it then, if you agree with it, give some thought to signing up.

Click Here

Of course, there is always the possibility that you would prefer to speak "Napoleon" rather than "Wellington" !
View Article  Scottish WWII piper Bill Millin dies in Devon hospital
Scottish WWII piper Bill Millin dies in Devon hospital

The piper continued to play as enemy fire killed comrades coming ashore

"I didn't notice I was being shot at"

A Scottish bagpiper who played men into battle during World War II has died in Devon.

Bill Millin, who was 88, played his comrades ashore on Sword Beach during the D-Day Normandy landings.

The Glaswegian commando's actions were later immortalised in the film, "The Longest Day".

Mr Millin, who lived at a nursing home in Dawlish since suffering a major stroke seven years ago, died in Torbay Hospital.

A statement released by his family said: "This morning following a short illness piper Bill Millin, a great Scottish hero, passed peacefully away in Torbay hospital."

Mr Millin was serving with 1st Commando Brigade when he landed in France on 6 June, 1944.

His commanding officer, Lord Lovat, asked him to ignore instructions banning the playing of bagpipes in battle and requested he play to rally his comrades.

Iconic part;

Despite being unarmed, Mr Millin marched up and down the shore at Sword Beach in his kilt piping "Highland Laddie".

He continued to play as his friends fell around him and later moved inland to pipe the troops to Pegasus Bridge.

His bagpipes, which were silenced four days later by a piece of shrapnel, were handed over to the National War Museum of Scotland in 2001, along with his kilt, commando beret and knife.

In 2006 when a song was written in his honour by Devon folk singer Sheelagh Allen, Mr Millin told BBC: "I enjoyed playing the pipes, but I didn't notice I was being shot at.

"When you're young you do things you wouldn't dream of doing when you're older."

For the past 66 years, Mr Millin returned to France on numerous occasions to pay his respects to his fallen comrades.

His family said he would always be remembered as an iconic part of all those who gave so much to free Europe from tyranny.

Mr Millin's funeral will be held privately, but a service of remembrance will be held at a later date.

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