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View Article  News of the World v Anjem Choudary
View Article  Hardline Islamist Group(s) To Be Banned
Hardline Islamist Group(s) To Be Banned

The radical islamist group that sparked outrage with its proposed march through the Wiltshire town of Wootton Bassett is to be outlawed.

Home Secretary Alan Johnson will use anti-terror powers to ban the organisation Al Muhajiroun and its latest offshoot Islam4UK.

The decision means it will be a criminal offence from Thursday to become a member of these groups, or to attend or address any meetings in their name.

Anyone found guilty of such an offence could face a maximum of 10 years in prison.

The banning of Al Muhajiroun and Islam4UK will also allow the authorities to take down websites run by the groups and makes it an offence to raise funds on their behalf.

Al Muhajiroun was founded by the controversial cleric Omar Bakri Mohammod.

However, he disbanded the group in 2004 - fearing the Government was about to outlaw it - and went into voluntary exile in Lebanon.

The group re-formed last summer, headed by its UK leader Anjem Choudary.

"Proscription is a tough but necessary power to tackle terrorism and is not a course we take lightly," Mr Johnson said.

"We are clear that an organisation should not be able to circumvent proscription by simply changing its name."

A Leeds United flag is placed on the hearse carrying Rfmn Aiden Howell in Wootton Bassett

The coffins of two servicemen killed in Afghanistan pass through Wootton Bassett

An offshoot of Al Muhajiroun, Islam4UK is already well established and sparked fury when Mr Choudary announced plans for an anti-war protest in Wootton Bassett.

Crowds gather regularly in the town to honour British service personnel killed in the Afghanistan conflict.

The group said on Sunday it was cancelling the march, having achieved the publicity it wanted for its anti-war message.

Sky sources have said the move to outlaw Al Muhajiroun and Islam4UK was made well before the Wootton Bassett controversy.

Government lawyers have been monitoring the groups' websites and comments made by their spokesmen, including Mr Choudary.

Even though the two organisations are to be banned, it is likely their supporters will simply re-form in another guise - as happened in 2004 when Al Muhajiroun was initially disbanded.

Then, its supporters formed two other groups, Al Ghurabaa and The Saved Sect, which were outlawed in July 2006.

From Thursday, Al Muhajiroun will also be banned under the names Call to Submission, Islam4UK, Islamic Path and London School of Sharia.

Al Muhajiroun and its supporters have never shied from controversy. After the 9/11 attacks in the US it held an event celebrating the "Magnificent 19" plane hijackers.

Although, Omar Bakri Mohammad is barred from entering the UK, he continues to preach to his followers in Britain over the internet and by phone.

View Article  Islam4UK Will Submit Application to March Through Wootten Bassett

Friends of a British soldier killed in Afghanistan have spoken of their anger at plans by a controversial Islamic group to march through the town which honours fallen troops.

The Union flag-draped coffins carrying Rifleman Aidan Howell and Sapper David Watson were driven through Wootton Bassett, in Wiltshire, for their repatriation.

Sapper Watson, 23, of 33 Engineer Regiment - a bomb disposal expert - and Rifleman Howell, 19, of 3rd Battalion the Rifles, were killed in Afghanistan in the last week of December.

Sapper Watson was brought up in Whickham, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and died of wounds sustained in a blast caused by an improvised explosive device on New Year's Eve near Patrol Base Blenheim in the Sangin region of Helmand province. Rifleman Howell, who was born in Sidcup, south east London, and educated in Rothwell, Northamptonshire, died after an explosion near Forward Operating Base Zeebrugge in the Kajaki area of Helmand province on December 28.

Their repatriation comes as Islam4UK said it would apply to Wiltshire Police "in the next few days" to march through the town famous for honouring dead British troops, despite calls for it to be called off. Anjem Choudary, leader of Islam4UK, said it was "full steam ahead" for the march campaigning for the withdrawal of British troops. A date for the event, featuring 500 people carrying symbolic coffins, has not been set but it will not coincide with a repatriation.

Hundreds of people once again lined the streets in silent tribute as hearses carrying the coffins of the two soldiers were brought through en route to the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford.

Friends and relatives sobbed as the coffins came into view and paused by the war memorial where dozens of flowers were placed on top of the hearses with weeping mourners touching the glass windows. A Leeds United Union flag was placed on top of the hearse carrying Rifleman Howell, who was a fan of the West Yorkshire football club. The crowd applauded the two soldiers as their hearses were driven away and again clapped in appreciation of the 25 standard bearers from the Royal British Legion.

Friends of Rifleman Howell, Steven Stratford and Pete Bell, criticised Islam4UK for suggesting Wootton Bassett as a venue for the march.

"If they want to protest they should do it in London against the Government, not here. Wootton Bassett is where the soldiers come back, all of them, as heroes," said Mr Stratford.

Mr Bell said: "If they came to protest here there would be carnage. Imagine Aidan's mother and father seeing that, it's the lowest of the low. It's been very difficult to be here today, but we have been made very welcome by the people of Wootton Bassett. We all came down from Leeds by coach but I would have walked every inch of the way."

Looks like a good excuse for a BBQ in the middle of WB high street....... 

View Article  Hitler talks about Anjem Choudary and the UAF

View Article  Anjem Choudray on Sky News
I have just watched the video presentation of this mouthpiece of Al Mujiharoun - those people in breach of the Koran/Quran by virtue of their promoting  a cause which murders other Muslims, commit suicide in doing so  or encourage and assist others to do so and are supported by other Muslims in this country who run prostitution and drugs supplies.
He justified - or tried to justify - his offering of hell and damnation to people that was in his open letter to the families of dead service personnel unless they embraced Islam as the path to God/Allah. Am I the only one who thinks that any religion - it happens to be Islam in this instance - that is willing to accept converts and yet finds anyone converting from their religion (Islam) to another religion guilty of apostacy which is punishable by death  a little maniacal ?

Let there be no doubt, especially amongst Western politicians in general but this country in particular, these militant Islamic criminals want nothing but world subjugation to their flawed idea of Islam. They are still following their prophet, Mohammed, in spreading their beliefs ( which are totally unacceptable to right minded people ( including other Muslims) at the point of a sword and columns of fire. Only nowadays, it is not the point of a sword ( although Mr. Berg - the American journalist who had his throat cut on film which I believe was passed to Al Jazirah (although I may be wrong on that point) - may disagree) but semtex, suicide bombing and terrorism.
Make no mistake - although they dress it up in religious beliefs ( how pernicious religion and religious teachings are that so many people can interpet them in so many different ways to suit their cause) they are not fighting to live but to conquer so that there is a one world government - that of Islam with Shariah law paramount. This is a war that is being lost by our "leaders" and has been assisted down the slippery slope by the likes of Bush and Blair. Those two and their outriders are to blame for the acceleration towards this anarchy - they went after Saddam Hussein who although an evil man ( with two even worse sons) who cloaked himself in Islam when they must have known that Iran & Syria were the main proponents and supporters of terrorism against the world.
For you politicians - stop prevaricating on this. Grab the nettle and fight back now, before it turns from a nettle to a triffid ! Deport the illegals; deport the troublemakers; tighten up the borders so that they cannot return; for every mosque demand a Christian church opened in Islamic countries - no churches for the other faiths, no mosques here. Live here, abide by our rules and laws. If they are not acceptable to the likes of Choudray then he can please take advantage of another one of our freedoms ......... the right to leave the country. You cannot fight against - or even deflect - this mindset with nice words and reason or Human Rights legislation. Why allow these people Human Rights when they support removing them for everyone else that does not subscribe to their beliefs.
I will be long dead before the take over happens but I worry about my Grandchildren and their subsequent progeny - this is the world that we are left with. Deal with this problem now, although it may even already be too late, show some mettle.
The USA will abandon Europe without a backward glance, will use Israel as its buffer in order to protect its oil supplies but, even when it becomes Fortress America with the drawbridges up, it will eventually fall. It's already infiltrated. When Islam butts up against China - that will be the last battle of ideology. I think I'll nip down to William Hill and put a tenner on China.
This article will no doubt be dismissed as the ravings of a "right wing looney" but I can tell you, it is not so. I'm one of those dreaded middle-of-the-road undecided voters that politicians hate ........ a bit to the right on somethings, a it to the left on others and with the benefit of no fixed beliefs having seen just how many times in my life that the country has had to be rescued from the after-effects of those "who know best".
The former wife of a colleague of mine from a previous life once said to me, "If I was married to you I'd poison your coffee". My reply ? "If I was married to you I would happily drink it !" That sums up how I feel about it all. ( Sadly, she said that at the funeral reception of our mutual Father-in-Law ........ and she was a good Catholic girl ( but not that good a catholic that she stayed married regardless of her vows in that tedious, mind-numbing, bum-numbing full Catholic mass.) There you go again - religion ...... it's whatever anyone wants to interpret it for.
Perhaps every third politician and religious zealot should be shot - it would concentrate the minds of the rest of them on leaving us alone to find our own way of living together which would probably - given the pattern of normal human behaviour - leave us quietly enjoying life together.
View Article  Al Mujirahoun proposed march through Wooton Basset
I have posted a response to the link1 that this site gave - it has not been printed as yet although I was not abusive in any way. Meanwhile - here comes the avalanche ! You deal with it as you see fit !

Across the media outlets of this country the announcement has been made that Al-Mujiharoun and its figurehead, Angem Choudary, are planning to hold a march through Wooton Bassett. That, under the laws of this country, is allowed providing that any safety and public order concerns are addressed. It is the freedom that has been bought by the loss of countless lives (on both sides) in the wars against dictatorial regimes that has made it so.

It is highly unlikely that this provocative move will be approved, even by the New Labour placemen running the Police Service because of the aforementioned safety and public order concerns.

It has achieved their aim - massive publicity and (especially in the Daily Mail) the public outrage and  outpouring of hate and bile at the potential march by this radical, fundamentalist Islamic bunch of criminals. Yes, that's correct ..... criminals. If it were you or I contemplating this offensive behaviour you can believe that Plod would be all over us like a cheap suit ! If you are caucasian, Christian or Jewish and object - don't answer your door when there's a knock. It's the Old Bill ! Race hate crimes, religious hate crimes, colour hate crimes - I'm afraid it works only the one way ..... the Guardianista/Harriet Harman way ! You must not upset these minorities - they may soon be in the majority and believe me, they won't bother trying to get your vote !
The vast majority of Islamic people are quietly getting on with their lives - these hate-merchants, due to the failings since 1997 are allowed to spread their hate and bile. An Islamic version of not even the BNP, but the pre-war Nazi party. Normal people scared to express an opinion that may disagree.

So, in the short term, allow them to march through Wooton Bassett. The "normal" populace can still go to witness it ..... but just be silent and turn away to show your backs ( your bare arses might be better but it seems like a nice town that has been hi-jacked by the media) - no violence, no comment. Just contempt. If the supporters of Al-Mujiharoun aren't taking part in the actual march then they - along with the BNP - should be denied access.

For the rest of us - let's go there. You will only get a fixed penalty for littering - and we could provide the people of Wooton Bassett with a cleaning party - but if you save your bacon rind, residue of the pork joint and packs of lard and pigs' trotters, you can throw them in front of the march, at them and - as people throw roses on the hearses - on their mock coffins.

We - Christians - are one third of the Abramic faiths. Jews and followers of Islam ( and they are the new kids on the block) are the other two. If there is but one God, does he really care what shoes you wear when you walk the path to his door ? I doubt it.

Let's put these fuckwits who crave power on the corpses of the innocents ...... Choudray, Blair, Bush, Khomeini, Khameini, bin Laden and their ilk ...... to their rightful position in this life. The After-life. They use "the words of God" to spread hate and accumulate power and riches - let them go and debate it with the Man and not send others in their name ! Even Blair discovered God - but afterwards, Bush after he reached the age past 40 when the booze became a problem - please God, save us from born agains !
As an afterthought, I give you the following - the Judeo-Christian interpretation notwithstanding. The mortal sins for Islam :
1. It is a sin against Allah to take another Muslim's life - oh, really ? Most of the people killed by suicide ( another mortal sin) bombers are fellow muslims. They aren't slaughtered by we Christian savages .... but by the Muslim equivalent - people who are stupid or don't really give a fuck about their fellow man. You don't get 76 virgins in paradise, you fuckwits - everyone in paradise has passed through this world and, unless they tragically died in childhood, have all been "slipped a length" at some stage ( and you'll really hate this, but the nickname for a penis is a "pork sword" !) . Although God/Allah is omnipotent, even creating born-again virgins is probably beyond his powers !
2. Given your belief in the teachings of Allah, how come - in places such as Bradford, Leeds, Luton, Manchester and London - Muslims run prostitutes and supply drugs. And please, don't suggest it's a weapon of Allah to defeat the Kuffir or we might use the same arguement, when we fuck off the Guardianistas to their Cotswold houses, when you get a .505 enema from a sniper !
3. If everything about this country - our religion, our welfare state, our allowance of letting you build mosques ( when it's not replicated in Islamic countries) - is repugnant to you so that you CHOOSE to live in ghettoes rather than assimilate into society and choose not to learn the language ( I used to holiday in Greece twice each year and made the effort to learn the language), then just piss off back to where you feel home is. And take their welfare services and their allowance of disagreement with the state.
4. It's about time that HMRC investigated every Muslim business and taxi driver ( anywhere that cash is involved) with all prejudice, make them pay !

COME ON YOU PEOPLE - WRITE TO YOUR M.P. ABOUT THIS ONE-WAY STREET ! HOWEVER, IT WON'T MAKE ANY DIFFERENCE IF YOUR M.P. IS NEW LABOUR ( especially Jack "Man of Straw", Brown, Johnson or Miliband - but make it known that these twats are not yet in the majority, we still are. So every vote that Straw may get by dressing in fancy dress ( didn't he look a twat?) and Brown may get by just being a turd and the others by just being pathetic) - YOUR VOTE WILL NOT COUNT AS THEY DEPEND ON THE ETHNIC VOTE. SECURE BORDERS,  DEPORTATION OF THESE NASTY BASTARDS AND THEIR FAMILIES -  OR A FUTURE OF INSECURITY ? TIME TO CHOOSE !

I loath the BNP, but you can start to see why they are gathering support, can't you? These idiots are the  second best recruiting sergeant the BNP ever had - beaten only by New Labour & the Guardianistas ......... and as he is also a reformed, reshaped "Tony Blair",  David Cameron  and "the Modern Conservatives"! New Labour Light, anyone ? And PR/Spin - a million pounds on a website so that "we" can influence policy ........ No. 10 petition line anyone ?

Have we ever been so ill-served by politicians ? Nope !

But, if the march of these Islam perverting sons of bitches takes place, anyone fancy popping down there to watch? Large packs of smokey bacon crisps, bacon sandwiches, hot pork and stuffing rolls for the refreshment of the marchers mandatory - coat them in dripping ! Fuck 'em ! Or route their march to the runway of Lyneham and frogmarch them into the belly of a Hercules and drop 'em in Kabul - let them demonstrate there !