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View Article  Anthony Malone, Press Release, 8th March 2011
Anthony Malone, Press Release
8th March 2011

I would like to say thank you to my supporters, family, British and American legal team and members of the press for their support.

I have been illegally held in prison for over 3 years, due to my stand against the epidemic corruption within the Afghan Government and Afghan Ministry of Justice, supposedly mentored by the British Embassy Kabul. I was tortured by Afghan Authorities because I was British, under the full knowledge of the FCO and British Embassy Kabul. The FCO London covered up my Afghan case, then illegally extradited myself from Afghanistan to the UK on trumped-up charges. International laws have been disregarded and my human rights violated. ‘People will be held accountable’.

I would also like to draw media attention to the 100+ members of the Commonwealth in Pul-I-Charki prison in Afghanistan, completely disregarded and abandoned by the FCO. These so called prisoners have received no fair trial or investigation due to them NOT paying bribes. The FCO and British Embassy are covering this up, the FCO does not even visit prisoners that they are responsible for.

Also Taliban/Al-Q attacks, suicide bombings, IED’s on British troops in Helmand are planned and ordered from within Pul-I-Charki prison. Known terrorists walk into the prison as visitors to attend meetings and briefings with Taliban/Al-Q commanders, these meetings have resulted in the deaths of British soldiers, the shambles which is the dysfunctional ‘British Embassy Prison Mentorship Program’ is disgraceful and a waste of tax-payers money.

I call on the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, to order an independent investigation into the FCO London and British Embassy Kabul. British soldiers are not expendable…….

I leave David Cameron with these words: Please put the ‘Great’ back into ‘Great Britain’, ‘For evil to triumph, all it takes is for good men to do nothing’.

I call on the British public to support an investigation.

Thank you all for your time.

Anthony Malone




View Article  Anthony Malone, Highlights of the Back Story (Part 1)
“I think that tree roots cannot grow in ash”.

Stetkiewicz Wojciech, guide at Auschwitz concentration camp.


Highlights of the back story, (Part one) Anthony Malone

The original files, source reports, data, photographs, and senior former British military offices, and team members, can confirm the below facts, events and taskings. Names have been changed due to security and on-going operations.


Afghanistan January 2008

 Satellite phone call placed and received from UK SF liaison officer “T”, special forces desk, Bagram air base, I proceeded, update given ref: “AL-Q”, AL-Qa’eda, SAMs ‘surface to air missiles’ movements into Afghanistan, and up-dated data of the new IED factory’s in Iran that are making and supplying the new generation of road side bombs to insurgents both in Iraq and Afghanistan/Pakistan update included the details of the new specialised remote control explosive shaped charges on route to Helmand to be used against British troops. Updates on the silenced M4, 5.56mm American assault rifles with sniper scope, ‘250 units…..!

 This shipment had been lost by the American military while in transit in Pakistan. The CIA had been unsuccessfully trying to retrieve these weapons. The Elite network has successfully traced and located, photographed and recorded the weapons serial numbers, and had authenticated these with the manufacturer. My retrieval of all weapons was stopped due to high level politics…!

 Other stolen specialised American military equipment was also traced and samples obtained, Including HVG’s ‘night vision goggles’, generation 4, thermal imagery with M4 top mount. Armoured piercing ammunition, ‘wolf’ and body armour with ‘AP’ armoured piercing plates, all in units of 100+. These sniper weapons were used by Al-Qa’eda and Taliban, foreign fighters with fatal consequences against British and American soldiers in Helmand ‘Margah 2010’. Confirmed by Al-Q commander. Stolen American military equipment in large quantities is equipping Al-Q, Taliban throughout the region. Found on dead Al-Q foreign fighters in Helmand. The scale of this problem is serious. Satellite communication equipment, weapons, American, Afghan, military uniforms, specialist armoured vehicles….!

An update was agreed for 10:00hrs the next day when I arrived at the American FOB ‘forward operating base’ Toukoum, Afghan/Pakistan border. British and American Special Forces were constantly up-dated and involved with all projects and tasking from the start, since 2002 I had helped and received tasking from Special Forces, SOCA and UK and US intelligence agencies. Afghan tasking was also received from COS, Chief of Staff, COS Chief of station ‘N’, and senior US and British military personnel, including SAS, A & B , blades teams…!

 I was informed by COS that he had been informed that my status was grade A source, and my Cyprus, F3 classification, given to me by senior British military intelligence still stood. COS, Chief of staff, an exceptional and very experienced operator, SAS Major, briefed me on two of the Al-Qa’eda HVT’s I had tracked across the Middle-East. COS had independently with his own sources confirmed my Hum-int, video footage and the locations, Kandahar, Kuna, Afghanistan. COS informed me that SAS A & B teams were in place at KAF, ‘Kandahar air field’…!

 The green light had been given to target/capture the HVT’s. Quote “there are air assists on standby on the runway at Bagran air base, ready to go”. This took the form of AC130 Spector gunships and AH64 apache helicopters. Real-time intelligence came in with the exact location of the HVT…!

 This was confirmed by both COS, and Elite hum-int. High level politics then got involved between the British and American governments. Within hours the HVT’s had been ‘tipped off’, our tasking cancelled and the COS, Chief of staff and members of his team transferred out of Afghanistan…!

 This was the first of many times that high level politics would come before saving lives…! Why let top terrorist commanders go free that are on the terrorists most wanted list…!

 The names of the two HVT’s were Mullah Omar sand Gulbubbin Hekmatyar…!

 This was also confirmed by British and American military intelligence. Planning and operational briefs and meetings had also taken place within the Kabul villa and at Bagram air base, with senior military officers, including General Rodairgus aid and senior American military colonels. January 2008, files were copied and given to my International Operational Manager Trevor, a former Major in the British Army. I re-deployed him to the UK with the files. The original files were moved to a secure location in Europe…!

 These files contained sensitive material on HVT’s (high value targets) and suicide bombers, including names, photographs, locations, bank data and phone numbers. Also the location of Al-Qa’eda training camps, GPS locations throughout the Middle-East and Europe, with IRA connections and Al-Q operatives trained in western Pakistan and east/west Africa, on route to the UK via the EU, Turkey and Cyprus…!

 Within days all files were hand delivered to SO19 and the British counter terrorist police in London. Several arrests followed in the UK and London, and attacks on the capital of the UK stopped. UK SF, COS also confirmed that air strikes had destroyed four terrorist training camps across the Middle-East, my source reports GPS locations and human intelligence had proved to be impeccable. Message passed down from the UK “job well done”…!

 Al-Q targets in the UK had been designated as Buckingham Palace, children’s schools, shopping malls, hotels, night clubs, public transport and airports. UK cities targeted include London, Manchester, Birmingham and Glasgow. Several other highly sensitive files/reports were also handed over; these included full M/O (Motus Operandi) of Al-Qa’eda narcotics operations, networks, safe houses, routes from Afghanistan, Kandahar, to Lebanon, east/west Africa, America, Europe and the UK…!

 The route in reverse was also used to transport HVT’s and IED’s, Iranian factory made shape chargers and F/F, foreign fighters, including specialised trained military snipers into Iraq, Afghanistan, ‘Helmand’ and Pakistan. The handover of this data resulted in British lives being saved, both in Afghanistan and the UK, and a major source of Al-Q funding and money laundering (M/L) being closed down and Al-Q attack operations stopped and disrupted. Myself and the Elite Hum-int network were responsible for this action…!

 The international network of Elite, the company set up by myself to run specialised security training courses in the Middle-East and Afghanistan was the conjugate by which information hum-int (human intelligence) was filtered back to the British/American Intelligence services, including CIA, NSA, Task Force 121, 323, ‘Grey Fox’ and the British military special forces, and SOCA, MI6, COS…!

 This at a later date was to become a life line for British and American troops operating in Afghanistan and Helmand against the threat of IED’s (Improvised explosive devices), including factory made IED’s from Pakistan and Iran, and the growing threat by Al-Q, rebadged as the Pakistan Taliban on Europe, UK main land and America and Al-Qa’eda future plans to take western hostages within Afghanistan, Pakistan, Africa, Europe and the UK, including Al-Q plans to kidnap ‘off duty UK/US military service personnel’…!

Under my command the Elite network received official tasking’s ‘2007 - 2010’, while I was located within Pul-I-Chaki prison. Several highly detailed, comprehensive source reports were compiled by myself, and covertly handed over to ISAF forces/agencies, ‘RSO’, American regional security officer ‘G’. The RSO is on a par with American Ambassador Afghanistan. The RSO also briefs Washington and international intelligence agencies daily…!

My comprehensive source reports included Al-Qa’eda profiling, tactics, planned attacks, data and timings of IED, suicide bomb attacks across Afghanistan, including Helmand. Al-Q management structure, including tactical and strategic planning, and several other sensitive topics…!

 I was also given, by senior American Hum-int ‘handlers’, the RSO’s personal phone number to relay direct information of expected ‘time sensitive’ terrorist attacks, within the Cent-com, Afri-com, ‘AO, ‘area of operations. This resulted in the disrupting and stopping  in excess of over 100 attacks on friendly forces and soft targets by terrorist, ‘Al-Q and Pakistan Taliban’, both in Afghanistan and internationally, including the UK and the US…!

 Many British soldiers and civilian lives were saved by the actions of me and the Elite hum-int network. Against overwhelming odds I and the network were to continue for the next 3 years…!

 Nobody could have anticipated where this would lead me; my principles, resolve and strong beliefs would lead me into hell and back…!

 Into the very heart of Al-Qa’eda international operations and leadership…!

 Nobody expected me to walk out alive from Pul-I-chaki prison. One of the world’s most notorious and dangerous, maximum security prisons. My aim, stop Al-Q, Taliban attacks and save British soldiers lives. No westerner had ever been close to, or had access to Al-Qa’eda Leadership…!

 This was a one in a million opportunity, to take some good out of a very dark and dangerous situation. I hope my actions defined me…!

 I also experienced the betrayal of people close to myself, who had floored character and no principles or loyalty, and who were only focused on personal gain and their careers, regardless of the consequences. These people showed their true colours. My belief system would also be tested to breaking point and beyond, I would question who I was and what I had been taught over the years, the very fabric of my being and soul. Only my training, principles and two close friends, ‘Bear’ and ‘Pegasus’s loyal support would guide me through the dark, unprecedented journey that was about to start…!

 The word ‘hope’ would become very important in my life, and my oath of allegiance to ‘Queen and country’, would become the cornerstone of my belief system. You can take the man out of Britain, but you cannot take Britain out of the man, ‘proud to be British’! General Petraeus, ‘Cent-com’, American central command, once told me in Iraq, ‘A few good men can make a difference’…!

 I would remember his words as I stood at ground zero, New York, the site of the September 11 terror attacks, and also as I stood among blood and body parts in a house in northern Iraq, surrounded by the mutilated bodies of women and young children, executed three days earlier by terrorists. I made a promise to myself and my country, that I would stop terrorists, Al-Qa’eda, Taliban attacks on the UK and America if I ever could. I had no idea where this promise would lead me…!

 ‘It was a promise kept’…!


Afghanistan 22nd January 2008, 09:00hrs

On route to the American FOB (forward operating base) at Toukoum, location Eastern Afghanistan, border area to Pakistan. Meeting set with US personnel at the FBO, ref: HVT’s and illegal SAM’s, on route to Afghanistan via Iran, and silenced weapons small arms being brought over from Pakistan, with help from the Pakistan ISI (Pakistan Inter-Service Intelligence). British Prime Minister David Cameron would at a later date highlight the fact that Pakistan ISI were covertly supporting and facilitating the Afghanistan Taliban…!

 I also received proof of this fact from a top Al-Qa’eda commander…!

 Example: members of ISI facilitating suicide bombers into Afghanistan, targeting Indian and UK nationals in Afghanistan, ‘targeting guest houses in Kabul’…!

 Pakistan ISI/ police, also releasing Al-Q Taliban prisoners in western Pakistan…!

 While on route to my RV, travelling in a lone unmarked 4x4, with my two Afghan personnel, we approached a group of civilian cars and 4x4’s, situated along the main Jalalabad, Kabul road, Four Men, Afghan nationals in police uniforms stepped out and waved my 4x4 over, on slowing down, two 4x4’s pulled in front of me and one cut my escape route from behind. Within seconds, fifteen men in plain clothes surrounded my 4x4, all carrying AK47’s and PKM’s, all weapons pointing at me with safety catches off, I have always liked going up against good odds, this was a little one sided, I showed my hands on the dashboard. Within a split second I was dragged from the 4x4, a very thin black bag was placed over my head, and handcuffed, then dragged and threw onto the back floor of another 4x4…!

 During my military training and later when I was teaching security personnel, there are some key things to remember, they are, not to resist your enemy when you are completely outnumbered and out gunned, in a hostage kidnap situation be passive, even if you want to fight. ‘It’s hard to fight if you’re shot, and you cannot stay switched on if you’re knocked out with the butt of an AK47...!

 When the odds are stacked against you, keep your head, stay alert, notice all your surroundings, numbers of men, weapons, 4x4, locations, direction of movement, pay attention to detail. First instinct, I had been snatched kidnapped by Taliban, even with this thought, something did not seem to fit, I had spent many years operating against terrorists throughout the Middle-East, my gut instinct told me something was out of place. I later found out that I had been kidnapped by rouge NDS, Afghan intelligence services…!

 I was taken to a location, Jalalabad, to a disused farm house interrogation centre, evident from blood stained chains fixed to the walls, metal cage, built into farmhouse courtyard, surrounded by bullet ridden high blood stained mud walls, with old razor wire and armed guards with AK47’s. I was then stripped searched, beaten and thrown into a cage…!

 No sign of my Afghan staff. I later found out that both of them were working covertly for NDS. They had been threatened by NDS, to co-operate with them or be killed or sent to prison. This was the normal procedure with NDS, using scare and terror tactics on their own people. What is the difference between them and the Taliban; they both have a complete disregard for human life and human rights…!

 My personal back-pack and equipment was also stripped and searched. Nothing untoward found. Luckily my personal combat equipment and new weapon ‘203’ was waiting for me at the FBO. I managed to distract the Afghan guards while being searched and my second small emergency mobile phone and sim cards were not found, it was well hidden in the map lining of my jacket…!

 After 30 minutes the guards and other personnel calmed down. I was able to out of sight crouch down and retrieve my small mobile phone, I sent a message to ‘E’, a British friend. The Panjshir mafia had planned and tried to plant illegal drugs/narcotics in her bags on route to the airport the weeks before, reported to the British Embassy…!

 The Panjshir mafia makes a lot of money doing this, they then charge obscene amounts of money to get people released. ‘Legal kidnap for ransom’. This is made possible due to the in-action by the British Embassy, when this happens and is reported, the Embassy and SOCA chose to ignore the rampant corruption in the Afghan Ministry of Justice. I told ‘E’ I had been snatched outside of Jalalabad, I instructed her to go to the British Embassy, find the SF officer ‘V’ and put a trace and locate my position, using my phone signal to triangulate. This was carried out within one hour. I had been reported kidnapped and my location confirmed…!

 The British Military did confirm my location and discovered I had been kidnapped by a rough team of NDS, Afghan intelligence services. This had been organised by corrupt Afghan politicians, who were members of terrorist groups and known drug lords…!

 This was later confirmed by American and British intelligence agencies. After the intervention of the British Embassy, NDS had no option but to bring me back to Kabul and hand me over to the police. I was forced to sign a letter waiver that stated that I had not been treated badly, I signed it as blood dripped onto the paper from a head wound received from the beating I received at the hands of the NDS/Taliban…!

 Because I was British…!

 I was also told if I signed the paper I would be released, I was told by NDS that this had been a misunderstanding…!

 This was the first of what to be known as an ‘Afghan truth’, It’s a fact that Afghans lie and are wildly corrupt…!

 But because they pray five times a day they say and think this is alright, this is the mentality of some of these people…!

 Remember there are good and bad people everywhere, ‘a thirteenth century broken country…!

 Several letters were given to British Embassy Kabul, detailing what had happened, and the facts. No action, investigation, or follow-up by the British Embassy Kabul…!

 I have kept copies of all correspondence with the British Embassy and FCO London.

 After being locked in a wet cold cell for several hours, I was frog marched into the chief of police office Kabul HQ. I saw the British Embassy armoured 4x4’s outside, my spirits lifted, at last the situation would be dealt with in a professional manner, boy did I get that wrong’. High level politics were now at play…!

 Plausible Deniability’.

 A) No help from the British Embassy with regard to my Afghan case…!

 B) ‘Quote’ from the embassy, they cannot get involved; they can only monitor the justice system. I reported the miscarriage of justice to FCO London, no follow up…!

 C) False charges lodged against me by drug dealers, warlords and Panjshir mafia.

 D) No evidence presented by Afghan Prosecutor, Prosecutor related to drugs dealer

 E) No investigation into my case or the miscarriage of justice, by Afghan Ministry of Justice, British Embassy Kabul, FCO London. Two years, eight months illegally detained in Max-security prison, Pul-I-Charki, Kabul, Afghanistan.

 F) Prosecution witness statements taken, but no witnesses able to appear in court…!

 G) My human rights violated on several occasions, by Afghan police, Ministry of Justice. Under the full knowledge of the British Embassy, Kabul, FCO London.

 H) Afghan Ministry of justice complete disregard for the constitution of Afghanistan, article 32 and several other articles broken.

 I) Judges and prosecutors demanding bribes from prisoners for their release…! Reported to the British Embassy, FCO London, no follow-up or action taken.

 J) The political situation manipulated by people to keep me quiet and in prison.

 K) Railroaded into prison with Al-Qa’eda and Taliban commanders…! The Panjshir Mafia also tried to have me killed several times while in prison in Kabul. They told Al-Q who I was…! This was confirmed by senior Al-Q commanders.

 L) All the above happened under the full knowledge of the British Embassy and FCO London…! Several letters sent to Embassy and FCO London. No investigation…!

 M) Official people in Afghanistan and UK were embarrassed by how successful I was at my work, and saving British lives…! I never let politics get in the way of saving British soldiers lives…! Or doing the right thing. ‘Principles’.

 N) Money was never exchanged for any tasks I accepted from official British sources…! ’Principle and ethics’. Work was carried out for ’Queen and country’.

 O) Even after the disgraceful treatment I received from the Afghan justice ministry, and the British Embassy, I still continued to save British lives unconditionally.

 P) My principled work to save British soldiers lives in Afghanistan was a continuation of the official work and tasking I carried out in Iraq, Lebanon, Cyprus, Syria, Saudi Arabia, ’2002 - 2010’. This included source reports, lists of terrorists on route to the UK and EU, via safe houses in southern Cyprus, 2005 - 2007, and several other sensitive subjects.

 Q) British Prime Minister David Cameron’s new government is a breath of fresh air, it is nice to see British troops in Afghanistan finally getting the support they deserve from the British government. ’Let us never forget , they are Britain’s best’. It is about time that politics and peoples political carriers stopped coming before saving British soldiers lives…!

 Military action alone will not defeat Al-Qa’eda, Pakistan Taliban. Talking to them can open up a dialogue which will find common ground for all parties to move forward upon, saving countless British soldiers and civilian lives. After my time spent with senior Al-Qa’eda  top management, commanders and regional commanders at Pul-i-charki, and my time spent, ‘several years’ in the Middle-East, this is a real option. Remember the British government talked to the IRA…!

 ‘Let us never forget the IRA bombing of London’s Canary Wharf’, and the large number of brave soldiers who have lost their lives doing their job in Northern Ireland. The alternative is the ongoing nightmare, and the growing threat of terrorist attacks on the UK and Europe…!

 And the loss of even more British nationals and soldiers lives. Can we afford not to try and talk and bring them to the table. I am living proof that this is possible and is an option. Another important point is to look into who the British Government uses as their Afghan advisors/so called experts. ‘Do the Afghan born/UK nationals experts/so called Afghan advisors have their own agenda‘…!

 This could be widely improved…!

 To my supporters on Facebook, I hope this explains a little of what has been going on with my situation…!

 Again, thank you for all your amazing support. Please forward this letter to people of interest. And a big thank you to my security team who have stood by my side through everything that has come our way. This whole situation has been character building, I have kept my dignity and principles at all times. My UK case is linked to my Afghan case…!

 I know the back-story is interesting…! I

  am very disappointed by the way I have been treated by the British Embassy Kabul and FCO London. The truth will come out…!

 ‘The only thing required for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing’…!

 My best regards to everyone,

 Stay safe,

 Anthony Malone

View Article  Update re Anthony Malone
A TEESSIDE man extradited from Afghanistan is accused of being paid to abduct and assault two businessmen
Anthony Malone, from Billingham, had been held in notorious Afghan jail Pul-i-Charkhi for almost three years on fraud charges.

But last week the 38-year-old became the first person to ever be extradited from Afghanistan - and returned to the UK to face charges of kidnap, false imprisonment, and grievous bodily harm.

As he appeared at Thames Magistrates’ Court it emerged the charges relate to alleged abductions and assaults on two men in connection with an alleged property deal.
At court, shaven-headed and long-bearded Malone spoke only to confirm his name and date of birth.

He was remanded in custody by District Judge Jane McIvor to appear before Snaresbrook Crown Court, in east London, on November 16.

The charges are in connection with an incident in April 2007, in Stoke Newington, north London. It is alleged Malone fled to Afghanistan shortly after the incident.
As reported, the man’s family had launched a campaign to have him released from the notorious Pul-i-Charkhi - dubbed the Afghan Alcatraz.

The former pupil of St Michael’s School, Billingham, was arrested on fraud charges in Afghanistan in January 2008. He was sentenced to two years but despite serving the full term, was refused freedom by authorities until he paid off alleged debts of $75,000.

A petition with more 3,800 signatures was collected calling for his release while a Facebook group attracting more than 8,000 members. PM David Cameron also became involved, confirming talks with the Afghan Attorney-General.

Anthony’s sister Maria, 36, from Stockton, led the campaign for his release.
Writing on the Facebook page, she said: “The recent unexpected turn of events have been a big shock and very difficult to deal with for me and my family.

“Anthony is extremely happy to be back safe in the UK.

Foxnwolf comments;

We are obviously all glad that Anthony is back in the UK, albeit in prison on remand concerning alleged charges. As no one is yet aware of the legality of these charges we hope that everyone will continue meanwhile, to support him throughout this ordeal.

I hope that no one is "jumping the gun" with reference to these charges and until his legal team provide evidence or a further statement I hope that everyone stands by him and his family during this traumatic time for all concerned who have supported him throughout his ordeal in Afghanistan.

As and when further news becomes available I will publish it here. I am not going to go with the Media on this one and am in direct touch with his family through his sister Maria Blades. Therefore will only post what I hear directly as these will be nearer the facts than fiction.
View Article  Postcard Campaign for Anthony Malone….
Postcard Campaign for Anthony Malone….

If you would like to show Anthony your support, we’re asking everyone to send a simple postcard with a message to him, we would love for Anthony to know how many people are behind him and want him released! Please keep it supportive and refrain from writing negative comments about the Embassy and the Afghan judicial system, as this would not help Anthony, but know he would love to hear from his supporters. Any postcard is fine, but if possible you could send a postcard from your home town so Anthony gets an idea of where his supporters are from!
You can send a postcard direct to the address below:
Anthony Malone
Consulate Section
British Embassy

BFPO 758
View Article  ANTHONY MALONE - AFGHANISTAN by Fair Trials International
ANTHONY MALONE - AFGHANISTAN by Fair Trials International

Anthony Malone, a 38 year old former paratrooper from Teesside, has been held in notorious Pol-i-Charkhi prison in Afghanistan since January 2008, despite completing a sentence for fraud, until he pays an alleged “debt.” After a seriously marred trial in which no interpreter was provided and Anthony was unable to call witnesses in his own defence, a sentence of 10 months was passed, later increased to 2 years on appeal. The judge in Anthony’s case has acknowledged that his detention is illegal under Afghan law, but refused to release him. 

The charge relates to a business dispute between Anthony, who had started a military contracting business in Kabul, and a senior Afghan political official regarding some armoured vehicles. The official asserts that Anthony owes him money for a deal gone wrong, however, the amount of money he allegedly owes, the individuals to whom he owes it, and why, have never been made clear by the court. Anthony denies owing anyone money. In any case, imprisonment for debt is illegal under both international and Afghan law. The exact charge and the length of sentence have also varied since Anthony’s arrest. Furthermore, the prosecutor in the case is the brother in law of the complainant in the case, raising further concerns that the prosecution is based on personal disputes rather than legal determinations.

Anthony, the son of a former army medic and a cleaner for Stockton council, came to Afghanistan in 2002 to set up a security and logistics business called Elite. Elite entered into negotiations to sell armoured vehicles to Assadullah Khalid, a former governor of Kandahar province. An agent for Khalid gave a deposit for the vehicles, but the deal fell through. Khalid claims he is still owed the money; however Anthony has no such funds. Multiple other alleged debts have also been added, to more than 10 people Anthony has never heard of, for purchases he claims never to have made, including hundreds of dollars of alleged debts at a flower shop.
At his first hearing, Anthony was convicted (the charge is unclear but was related to his alleged debts) and sentenced to 10 months of prison. Anthony appealed and the conviction was vacated, and on retrial he was convicted of fraud and sentenced to two years, and instructed to repay the Afghan people. The trials were held with no translator, little if any legal assistance, and no opportunity for Anthony to prepare or present a defence. Both the 10 month and the 2 year sentence have now expired, and Anthony still languishes in jail while the judge and prosecutor demand that he pay an unspecified amount of money to unspecified individuals. In Anthony’s most recent hearing, the judge acknowledged that there is no legal basis for holding Anthony beyond his term of imprisonment, yet so far has refused to release him.

22.1.08 Anthony is arrested.

26.5.08 Anthony convicted (charge unclear) and sentenced to 10 months custodial sentence and ordered to “return the money he received from the people.”

08.10.08 Decision cancelled and sent back to primary court with instructions to reconsider the ruling.
22.11.08 10 month sentence expires.

06.05.09 Primary court retries the case and convicts Anthony of fraud, with a sentence of two years custodial imprisonment and another demand that he “return the money he received from the people.”

22.1.10 Two year sentence expires.

Mid- July 2010 Anthony retains Kimberly Motley as counsel. Ms Motley is a qualified defence lawyer in the US and permitted to represent foreign nationals in Afghanistan.

31.07.10 Anthony is woken up and told he has to go to court, though he has not requested one, but he is too sick to attend. His lawyer was not notified. The judge agrees to delay the hearing by two days. Ms Motley met with the judge and requested all case documents so that she can prepare for the hearing, but the judge refuses.

01.08.10 A hearing is held, at which the court affirms that Anthony had first been sentenced to 10 months, then later to 2 years upon Anthony’s own motion for an appeal. Afghan law states that a sentence cannot be increased on an appeal made by the defendant. The judge affirmed that Anthony had been held past his legal sentence, but refused to release him until he paid his alleged debts. When his lawyer requested details of the people he allegedly owed money to, the amounts, and the nature of the debts, she got no response.

Involvement of FTI
Fair Trials International is working with Anthony’s family, his MP, Alex Cunningham, his lawyer, and other supporters, to secure Anthony’s release.

Concerns of Fair Trial International
(1) Detention beyond the length of sentence is arbitrary and illegal.
Anthony has now spent at least 7 months in prison longer than his sentence. In fact, it may have been illegal to hold him beyond the 10 months of his original sentence, because the appeal was on Anthony’s own motion and under Afghan law, a sentence may not be increased on an appeal requested by the defendant. Under any calculation, his detention has long since become illegal. Furthermore, his detention appears to be indefinite, as Afghan officials demand money that Anthony does not have, and will certainly not be able to raise as long as he remains in prison.
(2) Detention for debts is illegal under both international and Afghan law.
Article 11 of the International Convention on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), to which Afghanistan is signatory, states plainly that “No one shall be imprisoned merely on the ground of inability to fulfil a contractual obligation.” This fundamental right not to be imprisoned for debts is also protected under Article 3 of the Afghan Constitution, according to Anthony’s lawyer and affirmed by the judge in his case.

What you can do to help


(1) Write to the following to express your concerns about the case:
Alex Cunningham, MP
House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA

(2) Support our work.

View Article  A Billingham family fight to get their son home from the Afghan 'Alcatraz'

A Billingham family fight to get their son home from the Afghan 'Alcatraz'

Fighting for their son and brother's freedom.

A Billingham family are campaigning for Anthony Malone's release from an Afghanistan prison, better known as the Afghan 'Alcatraz'.

The ex-paratrooper's served seven months over his two year sentence at Pul-i-Charkhi prison. He was first charged for being in debt in January 2008, even though it's not actually a crime and now the 37 year old has been told he won't be freed until he's paid the alleged cash back.

Inside the rat-infested prison, Anthony is the only Brit. But he did get to know former Yorkshire soldier Bill Shaw in there before he was acquiited of bribery earlier this year. Kimberley Motley, the woman who negotiated his release is now working on Anthony's case.

His family are now working tirelessly towards bringing him home. Their local MP Alex Cunningham's backing them, as is Stockton South MP James Whorton. He raised Anthony's plight in the House of Commons last month and David Cameron has pledged to do all he can for the family.

Anthony's sister Maria Blades has also set up a Facebook group with more than 7000 members. If you want to join just search for ReleaseAnthonyMalone.

They've also got a petition up and running, pushing for his release. So far, over 3500 people have signed.

To add your name to that just click on the following link:

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Anthony is banged up in the horiffic Pol-e-Charkhi prison in Afghanistan he has been there for two and a half years

...His sentence was for 2 years...

Anthony, a former paratrooper, has served his 2 year sentence but has still not been released, which we believe is a violation of not just Anthony's human rights but also international law.

We are looking for as much public support as possible to help us release Anthony from the appalling conditions he is enduring.

If you can offer help in anyway then please write to your local MP, William Hague and David Cameron.......

You can also sign a petition here

You can also support his Facebook page

Embassy Contact(s)

British Embassy, 15th Street Roundabout, Wazir Akbar Khan,
PO Box: 334
Kabul, Afghanistan 
Opening Hours:
Sunday - Thursday  08:30  to 16:30 local time
(93)  (0) 700 102 000 (Switchboard)
(93)  (0) 700 102 250  (Management)
View Article  Antony Malone was released today
Antony Malone was released today
Pul-e Charkh Prison

Watch this space for further news
View Article  They threatened to cut off my head
They threatened to cut off my head

Only British prisoner in Kabul jail fights for freedom

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View Article  On line fight for British ex para’s release

On line fight for British ex para’s release escalates as he is sent back to Afghan prison cell after failed court hearing

THOUSANDS of members of an on line support group are intensifying their fight to have a Teesside serviceman released from an Afghan jail after he was refused his freedom by the Afghan authorities at a court hearing. Anthony Malone 37, an ex paratrooper from Billingham is being held in Pul-i-Charkhi prison in Afghanistan for allegedly owing thousands of dollars.

After an intense two and a half hour court hearing on Monday Mr. Malone and his lawyer Kimberley Motley were informed that the original verdict was to be upheld by the court.

Mr. Malone has already served six months longer than his two-year jail sentence after he was arrested on fraud charges in January 2008. Maria Blades, Mr. Malone’s sister said: “It was stated that if Anthony agreed to pay the money owed, an undisclosed amount, he could be set free tomorrow.”

Ms. Motley argued that the total amount allegedly owed was not given, and that the names of those the money was allegedly owed to were also not apparent in any document in Mr. Malone’s file.

Mr. Malone continues to be detained for an undisclosed amount of dollars owed which is against the Constitution, Article 32.

Mr. Malone has made it very clear that he will not allow any payment of money for his release.

Miss Blades said of her brother's decision: “Anthony is a man of principle and insists on his innocence. He wants to leave Pul-i-Charkhi as a freeman with his name cleared.”

The Malone family and their Facebook supporters do not believe Mr. Malone should have to pay back any amount of money to the Afghan authorities. They are upset and appalled that Mr. Malone has been sent back to languish in his rat infested prison cell.

Ms. Motley says of the prison where Mr. Malone is being held: "It's a very, very dangerous environment especially for the likes of those that are internationals and those that have past military experience."

The prison Mr.Malone is being held in is notorious and has been dubbed the equivalent to Alcatraz. It is overcrowded, rat-infested and also houses captured Taliban fighters, jihadists and murderers. Mr. Malone has been threatened and had knives held to his throat.

Mr. Malone has said: “I am battling mentally and I’m battling physically because of the conditions.”

When the news that Mr. Malone had been denied his freedom reached the Facebook group, ‘Release Anthony Malone’ it began a frenzy of activity to step-up the campaign to release Mr. Malone.

‘Facebook group members began in earnest to plague their local M.P’s, to write to the Prime Minister, write and telephone local and international broadcasters, contact local and national newspapers, start an on-line poster campaign and the group members' have also increased the posting of the link to their on-line petition. One group member, Jan Morten said: “After listening to the interview on the radio, the authorities are now saying he owes $75000. That’s why they banged him up in the first place. Why on earth should this money be paid, he has paid it in full for the time he has spent in that prison.”

Mrs Morten has written to her local M.P, the Prime Minister and has spent everyday and night on the group exchanging information and encouraging others to join the group and sign the petition to aid with Mr. Malone’s release.

Lisa Miller said: “What’s happening to Anthony Malone is a disgrace. What’s more horrifying is that our so called elected representatives, I use the term very loosely, have sat back for more than 30 months and let this continue.”

Andy Beckwith said: “Anthony is sticking to his principles and we should all salute him for that. He is a very brave man, I do not know of many people that would do the same in his situation. I would like to think that after 8 years in Afghanistan our government would have at least some sway in the polital/legal infrastructure of the country, obviously not.” Casey Mitchell said:“Unfortunately for Anthony, the constitution in Afghanistan states that being in debt does not limit a person’s freedom or deprive him of his liberties. The mode and means of recovering a debt shall be regulated by law.”

Ms. Mitchell went on to say: “From that I take it that they have regulated the law to incarcerate him, contrary to point (I) of their own constitution. And the recent court judgement that they intend to hold Anthony until he has paid the "alleged" debt back looks like they are trying to justify point (II). From what I have read, they have still not provided any evidence of debt, to whom, for how much, for what service or goods. If you can not provide sufficient evidence in your case as an accuser, in most courts in the world, your case would be thrown out… An abomination of justice.”

Despite the recent failed court hearing, Mr. Malone’s lawyer remains optimistic that with the help of Anthony’s friends and family he will be released soon.

Ms. Motley also commented that Mr. Malone is in good spirits: “He’s just trying to get through this period. He’s also very appreciative of all the assistance he’s receiving from family and friends.”

The Facebook group members from, ‘Release Anthony Malone’ would like to thank all those who have joined the group and signed the petition to fight for Anthony’s freedom.

The petition currently stands at 3110 signatures, many more signatures are needed.

The group welcomes more members who can offer active support to Anthony Malone's plight.

To join the Facebook group copy and paste the following link into your browser: http://www.facebook.com/mariablades#!/group.php?gid=132879203409709&ref=mf To sign the on-line petition copy and paste the following link into your browser: http://www.petitiononline.com/Freeanth/petition.html

View Article  Results of Anthonys Court Hearing on 2nd August 2010 @ 10:00hrs (07:00hrs gmt)

F.T.A.O. Foxnwolf (please post this for me)
I'm afraid Anthony's hearing wasn't the success we hoped for, here's as much info as i have at the moment:
After a two and a half hour court hearing, and an uphill battle by Anthony‘s attorney Kimberley and Anthony, the original verdict was upheld by the court, meaning Anthony should serve the two year prison sentence, he has already been imprisoned for two and... a half years. It was stated that if Anthony agreed to pay the money owed, an undisclosed amount, he ‘could’ be set free tomorrow.

Kimberley argued that the total amount was not given, and that the names of the people money was owed to was not apparent in any document in his file.

Anthony continues to be detained for dollars which is against the Constitution Art. 32.

Anthony will not allow any payment of money for his release, this may seem strange and difficult to understand, but he has very little where he is and it’s important to him to stand by his principles and he insists on his innocence, he wants to be released as a free man with his name cleared.

Thank you.......Maria
View Article  Anthony has Court/Trial set

Anthony has Court/Trial set for 10:00hrs (07:00hrsGMT) Monday 2nd August

(standby for further info)

View Article  BBC Radio Interview with Lawyer of Anthony Malone "Kimberly Motley"

View Article  Family bid to free Teesside man

The family of a Teesside man who was jailed in Afghanistan on fraud charges are pressing ahead with their campaign to secure his release

Former paratrooper Anthony Malone
Anthony Malone has served six months longer than his jail term

Anthony Malone, a 37-year-old former paratrooper from Billingham, was arrested in January 2008.

He's now served six months longer than his two-year jail sentence at Puli-Charkhi prison.

The issue was raised in the House of Commons last week by Stockton South MP James Wharton.

'Fear of his life'

Stockton North MP Alex Cunningham has joined in by giving his backing to the Malone family:

"It's absolutely intolerable that a British man from my constituency languishes in an Afghan prison.

"He's actually in fear of his life and yet there is no legal basis for holding him because it is against international law to detain someone for reasons of debt".

'No legal representation'

Meanwhile Anthony's father Patrick Malone has told BBC Tees his son should be free by now:

"Anthony was arrested in 2008 for allegedly owing money and was tried by an anti corruption court in Kabul.

"We don't know the charges. At the actual trial he did not have any legal representation, no interpreter and we don't think anyone from the embassy was there. He had no help whatsoever."

The Malone family are now pinning their hopes on a lawyer who secured the release of a fellow British inmate from the same jail earlier this month.

'Volatile prison'

Kimberley Motley, negotiated the release of Bill Shaw, a 52-year-old former Army officer from Leeds who was found guilty of bribery charges in March but has since been acquitted.

She says both have had their human rights violated:

"It's a very volatile prison, it's very close quarters. There are almost 5000 inmates at Puli-Charkhi... you're mixing with Al Qaeda and the Taliban.

"It's a very very dangerous environment especially for the likes of those that are internationals and those that have past military experience."

Kimberley says she is set to visit Anthony in the next few days but insists he's in good spirits:

"He's just trying to get through this period.

"He's also very hopeful he'll get out soon and he's very appreciative of all the assistance he's getting from family and friends."

Original Link

View Article  Family fight to free son from Afghan prison

THE Prime Minister

Has pledged help for a North East man left to languish in a violent Afghan prison

DESPERATE FOR NEWS: From left, Veronica and Patrick Malone, with daughter Maria Blades

Former paratrooper Anthony Malone, from Billingham, Teesside, has served six months longer than his two-year jail sentence at Pul-i-Charkhi prison – dubbed the Afghan Alcatraz – after he was arrested on fraud charges in January 2008.

Yet the 37-year-old is being refused his freedom by the Afghan authorities until he has paid off alleged debts of $75,000 (£49,000).

Now Mr Malone’s plight has been raised in the House of Commons, after James Wharton, MP for Stockton South, told of Anthony’s situation at Prime Minister’s Question Time this week.

PM David Cameron said the Government is in discussions with the Afghan Attorney-General about why Anthony Malone continues to be detained. He asked: “Given that his imprisonment is potentially in breach of international law, will the Prime Minister put pressure on the Afghan Government to secure Mr Malone’s release?”

The Prime Minister replied: “My Honourable Friend is absolutely right to raise this case, which is worrying.

“I can assure him and Anthony Malone’s family and friends that the British embassy continues to raise this case with the Afghan authorities.

“The ambassador in Kabul has raised the case with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and we are in discussions at the moment with the Afghan Attorney-General about why Anthony Malone continues to be detained.”

Alex Cunningham, MP for Stockton North, had already written to the minister with responsibility for Afghanistan asking him to intervene personally in Anthony’s case after speaking to his family. He said he is still waiting for a reply.

Anthony is the only Briton amongst more than 1,000 prisoners in Pul-i-Charkhi, after fellow inmate and former British Army major Bill Shaw was acquitted of bribery charges by an Afghan court and released earlier this month.

The overcrowded, rat-infested prison houses captured Taliban fighters, jihadists, African drug smugglers, Russians accused of spying, Iranian criminals, Chinese people-traffickers and murderers.

Anthony is housed in the maximum security wing of the prison, separated from the other blocks by a huge steel and razor-wire fence. He has been threatened and had knives held to his throat during his time there. It is believed he had gone to Afghanistan with a former girlfriend to set up a security-and-logistics business.

The former pupil of St Michael’s School in Billingham, who served in Northern Ireland with the Paras in the 1980s, is reported to have said he had been “abandoned” by the British Embassy. Back home in Billingham, his 62-year-old parents Pat, a retired Army medic, and Veronica, a cleaner with Stockton Council, and sister Maria Blades, 36, are desperately trying to raise Anthony’s profile and secure his release.

Maria said the family were pleased with the Prime Minister’s response. “We know now he’s aware of Anthony’s plight,” she said. “We see it as the first step to what we want.”

She said the family were also amazed at the response to a Facebook site “releaseanthonymalone”, which has already seen three-and-a-half-thousand people sign up.

Embassy Contact(s)

British Embassy, 15th Street Roundabout, Wazir Akbar Khan,
PO Box: 334
Kabul, Afghanistan 
Opening Hours:
Sunday - Thursday  08:30  to 16:30 local time
(93)  (0) 700 102 000 (Switchboard)
(93)  (0) 700 102 250  (Management)

View Article  Anthony Malone is on Facebook

Anthony Malone is on Facebook

Pass this Picture of Anthony to everyone you know

Embassy Contact(s)
British Embassy, 15th Street Roundabout, Wazir Akbar Khan,
PO Box: 334
Kabul, Afghanistan 
Opening Hours:
Sunday - Thursday  08:30  to 16:30 local time
(93)  (0) 700 102 000 (Switchboard)
(93)  (0) 700 102 250  (Management)