In 2009 there is an uplift of 2.8, the basic military and naval salary for officers and all other ranks, as stipulated by the Armed Forces’ Pay Review Body (AFPRB).

In addition, the rates of Specialist Pay (Flying Pay, Submarine Pay and Diving Pay) will also increase by the same percentage.

The Government has also accepted the AFPRB recommendations, which includes a pay increase on promotion to the rank of Sergeant and Petty Officer of five per cent and a reduction in the qualifying period between each level of Longer Separation Allowance.

Ministry of Defence Chief Mr Hutton said:
“The 2009 Report of the Armed Forces’ Pay Review Body has now been published. I wish to express my thanks to the Chairman and members of the Review Body for their Report. I am pleased to confirm that the AFPRB’s recommendations are to be accepted in full, with implementation effective from 1 April 2009.”

“This pay rise is welcome and appropriate acknowledgement of the burden our people are carrying on behalf of the nation, and of their remarkable achievements in the face of great adversity.”

As a result of the increases, a Private soldier deploying on operations will now receive:

* Basic pay between £16,681 – £25,887;
* A minimum of £1,194 in Longer Separation Allowance over a six- month tour;
* £2,380 tax-free Operational Allowance over a six-month tour.

The are further increases to the Longer Separation Allowance, which will also increase by 2.8 per cent.

The senior ranks of the Armed Forces (from the Army ranks of Major General to General and their Navy and RAF equivalents) have also been awarded a 2.8 per cent pay increase today. This follows an announcement from the Cabinet Office that they have accepted the proposals of the Senior Salaries Review Body, which recommends pay levels for senior public sector workers including military chiefs, senior civil servants and judges.

UK Armed Forces Pay Rates for all Services: April 2009 – April 2010

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