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View Article  Is this the "tail end charlie"
Dear David,

Thank you very much for the email - it shows a perfect example of a story being quoted, then twisted for reasons other than the initial facts, whether that be just sensationalism or worse.

I will, if you will permit me, forward your email to  my former colleagues who were feeling the same way and I most heartily agree with your comment about "speaking out". It is perhaps that which has allowed people to ride roughshod over other people's concerns.

Once again, thank you for your reply,

David Hughes
On 19 Nov 2009, at 09:46, David Chorlton wrote:

Dear David

Thanks for the clarification, the whole sorry episode has made me more than a little suspicious.

Mrs Hoyle is a personal friend of more than ten years, we have had family holidays as we both own Caravans.
After the incident Beth spoke to my wife as she was very upset, and this is where I got involved.

The main reason Mrs Hoyle was upset was the way the supervisor reacted to her complaint. If at the time the
supervisor had said "I am very sorry Mrs Hoyle, I will talk to the young man about the incident and make sure it never happens again"
Then the incident would probably have never been mentioned to anyone but her Husband.

I suggested speaking to the Observer as a way of raising awareness to what happened. To many times people dont speak out when this sort of incident occurs.

Beth was not too keen but after she spoke to her husband he convinced her that this was a way of making sure it never happened again.

I hope you will have noticed that when Dianne Leach wrote the article in the Observer there was not a mention of the colour of the
young man's skin, this was deliberate. The point we were trying to make was that two Asdas employees were at fault.

Only when The Sun wrote there version of the incident did they then mention the young man was a Muslim. Once this happened
it all got silly with everone jumping on the bandwagon.

Eventually Mrs Hoyle managed to speak to Head Office at Leeds. The lady there asked her what she "wanted" to which she replied nothing only an apology.

She receive both a verbal and and written apology as well as assurances that the incident would be fully investigated.

A few days later Mrs Hoyle received a lovely bunch of flowers.

I hope that this clears the issue for you and if you have any questions then please dont hesitate in contacting me

David Chorlton

David Hughes wrote:
Dear Mr. Chorlton,

Thank you for your reply. I'm sorry that I  forgot to add further information. My only excuse is that it was a very long day yesterday and I was tired and more than a little ill.

I do not represent anyone. I am a former Royal Marine who took an interest in the story as reported. I enquired on a personal basis as I tend - after spending ten and a half years in the Royal Marines - to lean towards concern at certain stances taken. I am not affiliated in any way to any - particularly political - organisation. Myself and former colleagues obviously keep in touch on an irregular basis for the simple reason of maintaining a semblance of our more youthful times. This topic came into a conversation and is, if true, a little irritating purely on a personal basis - so much so that I and I believe, a couple of former colleagues were moved to contact Asda to express our personal concern that something like this may have occurred. I think our joint experiences over the years makes some of us a little sensitive about perceived unfairness and poor conduct.

Asda very kindly replied to me suggesting that the Regional Manager was in communication with Mrs. Hoyle but now it has been suggested that it is a "plot". I think that if we have been misled in this regard by any politically motivated people then a complaint would be made to the national office of the party concerned - certainly by myself - as I can truthfully say that I carry no prejudice whatsoever, except for unfairness and extremism which I abhor from any point. For this reason alone I feel a little dismayed.

I wrote to you for clarification as you were quoted  - as an Independent councillor - in a Rossendale newspaper. As there seems to be some area of controversy in this an independent viewpoint would be very helpful.

I do hope that you can offer an insight into the situation - if I have been moved to put a complaint in falsely, then I will need to apologise to Asda and withdraw it. If it is a true situation then I may want to query the stance allegedly taken by the Asda Regional Manager as I hate the way that ordinary people are used by others from national government level downwards and we seem to have no voice at all. I am more than willing to furnish you with my home address and telephone number if you require it as long as they are treated confidentially by yourself. Once again, thank you for your reply,

Yours faithfully

David Hughes

On 19 Nov 2009, at 08:30, David Chorlton wrote:

Dead David

Can you clarify who you represent as there is no point of reference on your email

David Chorlton

David Hughes wrote:
Dear Mr. Whitworth,

I would welcome your comments on the alleged refusal to serve Mrs.Beth Hoyle at the above mentioned store from your position as an independent councillor.

The water gets muddier as the Regional Manager of Asda suggests that it is "a right wing plot". If so then it is shameful; if not, then his response is. What are your views having leapt into the breech, so to speak ?

There are a great many people who have contacted the company - including their Head Office in the USA - because of this. If this is not a true story , and the Regional Manager is accurate in his statement, then some genuine people who are NOT extremist will be extremely affronted at being used. I am one of them - if my indignation at this alleged incident has been manipulated, then I will feel very aggrieved. This needs immediate rebuttal or otherwise, if as suggested by the Regional Manager it seems a right wing ploy (for perhaps BNP purposes - my words, not his), then a number of people will be affronted to say the least and will make their objections known at perhaps National level - and I will certainly be one of them.

So, which is it ? As I said, I welcome your input as a matter of urgency given the stance that some of us have taken.


David Hughes

View Article  Help for Heroes wristband row: investigation completed !?!?!?!?

We’ve come to the end of our investigation at Asda Rochdale and can’t find any truth in the allegation that one of our colleagues refused to serve a customer for wearing a Help for Heroes wristband.

Our regional operations manager Paul Rowland said: “We’ve completed our investigation and it’s clear this exchange never happened. We’ve interviewed over 400 colleagues in the store, examined over three days worth of CCTV footage and talked to other customers and we can find absolutely no evidence that a colleague said what was alleged.”

The investigation has taken longer than some people expected because of the number of people we had to interview.

“We are disappointed and angry that right-wing groups are using this mythical incident to whip up racial hatred,” said Paul. “Thankfully the people of Rochdale will see straight through that. We remain big supporters of the work our troops do serving our country.”

I still cant beleive why it took so long to try and get to the bottom of this. Can anyone reading this article somehow contact "Beth Hoyle" and ask/confirm with her what she thinks of the the current situation/outcome from ASDA concerning this incident....... 

Would have loved to see ASDA interviewing techniques during this "tip toey" situation, obviously the VERMIN himself didnt own up.......

Was this purely a set up to get racial hatred brewing in the area and a few more voters for the BNP, as well as getting concerned supporters to do the dirty work for them or a cry for attention.

I think its time that "Beth Hoyle" marched in to the store with the editor of the Sun or Me and pointed out the individual who did this so this matter can be brought to a close and justice served. Otherwise, a little concern may be brewing over the veracity of Beth Hoyle and her "situation". The time and effort brought by websites and individuals supporting individuals like this are done for a reason and usually in a great number of cases a satisfactory outcome is acheived. But somehow I amongst others now fell cheated. Beth do us all a favor, Do the Right Thing, Now" then we can move on.......

PMPT & Semper Fi.......

View Article  Reply from Walmart
Wow, took a couple of weeks but eventually received a reply from Walmart
Makes more sense if you read it ...   more »
View Article  Reply from ASDA (14th Nov` 2009)
Response Ref; from ASDA  (Ref #000000024181947)

From; Emma.Colton@asda.co.uk

To; peter@foxnwolf.com

Thank you for your message.

Thanks for contacting us,

We continue to investigate to try and establish who the colleague Mrs Hoyle referred to could be.

Our regional manager is in touch with the customer and has apologised for any upset the situation has caused and we're in constant dialogue with Mrs Hoyle to update her on our investigation.

"We want to reassure all of our customers that we support our troops 100 per cent and are supporters not only for Help for Heroes, but we welcome the British Legion into all of our stores and have supported the troops in many ways over the years - whether that be by sending hampers over to the troops this Christmas, sponsoring events for them or arranging welcome home parties for our troops and their families.

Rest assured, this is an isolated complaint that we are taking very seriously indeed.

And, it goes on.......

Use the email address in the message above to voice your replies/concerns. Keep it objective and not "bi-lingual"......................No joy yet from HQ (Walmart) in the US, their inbox is still getting filled up so  lets wait and see.
View Article  NOT a WORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It beggars belief that only one email has been forthcoming with regards to ASDA, Rochdale.

I do hope we hear something over this incident so we can bring it to a close. WALMART in the US are also "playing dead", their corporate email addresses and others have been deluged with email for comments concerning their company in the UK.

Expressos are lined up.......
View Article  ASDA - Sorry your Unhappy, Unaware of Incident. WHat Planet are they on???
----- Forwarded Message ----
From: Lucy Robinson <Lucy.Robinson@asda.co.uk>
To: *******
Sent: Fri, 6 November, 2009 17:06:02
Subject: Response from ASDA ...   more »
View Article  ASDA...........Noooo!!!! "we dont give a shit either"
View Article  Walmart...........Noooo!!!! "we dont give a shit"
   more »
View Article  Head of International Coporate Affairs "Walmart"
Email Address for; Amy Wyatt, Head of International Corporate Affairs, Walmart

"Click Here"

or copy & paste;  amy.wyatt@wal-mart.com   more »
View Article  Asda Rochdale/Wal-Mart Incident time line
Day One - 24 hours.
No response to emails from either Asda or Wal-Mart.

View Article  Asda Rochdale as posted by Foxnwolf (below)
I have sent this email to Asda copied to Wal-mart Global Ethics in the U.S. - it may as well go there as it was really their war to begin with. You do your own thing, if it bothers you

To Asda Uk
cc ethics@wal-mart.com
Dear Sir,
My attention has been drawn to an alleged incident at the Rochdale store where a customer - Mrs. Beth Hoyle - was refused service by a worker at the checkout ostensibly "because she was wearing a Help the Heroes wristband which meant she supported the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq". Mrs Hoyle then complained to a supervisor who backed the worker saying that he was entitled to his opinion.
So he is - but, if this is true, not on the shop floor however unless he has become Director of Retail Policy at Asda. Given the alleged response by your company and my doubts about Asda investigating this thoroughly and correctly I am also copying this to Wal-mart Corporate Office regarding the breech of their Global Ethics Statement, particularly the comment " Respect and Encourage diversity and never discriminate against anyone"
Let me ask a hypothetical question. If the positions had been reversed and the Asian youth been refused service because he wouln't wear a Help the Heroes band, what would the company's reaction have been ? Be honest, just what would have happened ?
"Violations of the Statement of Ethics" may result in disciplinary action up to and including Termination". "Termination" seems a bit extreme so I'm assuming this means termination of employment and not the employee ! I am not a vindictive person but if true, this warrants it including for the supervisor.
There is no point in us ridiculing the BNP if this then happens. It sends people towards them and nationally, given the thousands - if not tens of thousands - of ex-servicemen, will result in a fair bit of your turnover going elsewhere. And rightly so.

View Article  Asda Till Snub For Hope For Heroes Mum

Mum-of-three Beth Hoyle claims an Asda till worker refused to serve her because she was
wearing a wristband backing injured troops.

Beth says the checkout lad told her the band for Help for Heroes - aided by The Sun - meant she supported the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. And when she complained to a supervisor, he BACKED the Asian youth, saying he was entitled to his view.

Beth, 40, who has two brothers in the services, said the checkout worker told her he didn't want to serve her because of "what she was wearing."

Shocked Beth, of Whitworth, Greater Manchester, said that at first she thought the youth at Asda's Rochdale store meant a cross round her neck.

"He pointed to my Help for Heroes wristband and accused me of supporting the war. I told him it was nothing to do with the war, but about supporting our injured troops.

"I immediately complained to a supervisor, but he said it was his right not to serve me. I was disgusted."

An Asda spokeswoman said they were "shocked" by the claims but had found no evidence that the incident happened in their store.

She added: "We are big supporters of the Help for Heroes campaign and we sell the pin badges and wristband in hundreds of our stores."

Let your views/comments be known NOW.......

ASDA Store concerned located at;

The Old Cricket Ground, Dane Street, Rochdale, Lancashire. OL12 6XT. Tel; 01706 354462



ASDA House
Great Wilson Street
LS11 5AD

Tel;   0500 100055
Fax : 0113 241 7732

Email; customer.services@asda.co.uk This UK email address does not work at all. As the company is owned by "Walmart" in the US, I recommend you use the online link / form to let your views / comments be known direct to ASDA

"Click Here"

Then whip an email off to Walmart in the US

"Click Here"
or copy and paste "ethics@wal-mart.com"

"Click Here"
Amy Wyatt, Head of International Corporate Affairs, Walmart
or copy and paste "amy.wyatt@wal-mart.com"

PMPT & Semper Fi.......