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View Article  We deserve a say......in your face political ad
I don't want this to be a rant but........

Isn't it time we all had a say on the EU? now before you go yawn and think about turning away......please just give me 2 mins

Whether you are Eurosceptic or Europhile.....or whatever 'camps' and labels they have been given........shouldn't we open up the debate on this huge issue. I don't mean a huge political debate in the Westminster Village but by ordinary citizens. The whole EU project has gone beyond ordinary folk understanding. Most people know it is out there but think of it in some sort of parrallel universe. The debate then gets hi-jacked by either the political elite who speak spin-bollocks-complicated languages or by people from both sides  with such strong views on either side of the argument, it becomes too much to take on.

But seeing as we are entering an age of massive austerity cuts, price hikes, and 'every one tighten your belts' era, surely we should rethink how we go about our business. Our relationship with the EU affects everyone in the UK. The news coming out of the Eurozone isn't great. Things aren't going to get any better in 2011. We know that the relationship with the EU costs billions of £'s. Now whether this is good value for money or not, the sheer scale of the relationship means we need to re-evaluate the situation (just as everything else - so we are being told by the politicians). I think the debate needs to come out into the open - information (that everyone understands) needs to be shared and then the people of the UK should be given a vote to decide, once and for all, what we want.

Personally, I think we would be better off out of the political EU and free to form our own relationships with countries around the world. I would prefer to see us forming closer relationships with the commonwealth. I think it is time to leave the EU and move forward into something new......something better. If we left the EU, I wouldn't want to go 'back' to anything ie back to where we we were before we signed up to the original deal back in the ealry 70's.....yes, have the free-trade agreement but have that with the rest of the world. If we left the EU, the Germans won't stop buying British goods. We won't stop buying French cheese - shit, I want the French to be French and the Germans to be Germans.....and the Spanish to be Spanish...yadda yadda.

Anyway, that is why I run the EU Referendum Campaign. We want the man on the street to understand. That is why we haven't targeted our campaign at the Westminster Village - we keep all our literature free from party politics, left-wing or right-wing bullshit, or rabid rants. We already have the largest active database amongst all eurosceptic campaigns in the UK. The campaign HQ is staffed by professional campaigners, our spokesperson is an ex-LBC radio DJ who speaks to the British public in the language they all understand. We have unrivalled resources, completely independent and won't back down from political pressure from any of the Westminster Village.

But the most important campaign we are running is The Pledge. It is a completely neutral campaign calling for a Referendum. We welcome people from all sides (pro-EU and anti-EU) to join to call for a national referendum so the issue can be brought out in the open, discussed and voted on. We want to organise meetings in universities, town halls, pubs, work places etc where the whole EU project can be debated and arguments put across.
We have written to every MP to see where they stand on the issue. We are now receiving all the answers from them. The MP's that don't agree with our call fro a referendum will be targeted by our campaign. We will go to their constituency office (when they are there) and make our voice heard. We will ask everyone on our database in the constituency to write to the local media, attend protests outside the offices, take part in town hall debates in the constituency, hand out leaflets in the area, etc etc. We will work with the local media to get the exposure. We will work with all the local pubs and local groups to organise events to raise the campaign. Once the sitting MP sees with his/her own eyes how the people really feel, then they will take note. You can have 10,000 people outside the Houses of Parliament and the politicians won't take a blind bit of notice.....but if they see a few hundred people in their own constituancy kicking up a fuss, they will surely take note.

The politcians are hoping this issue will go away.....but it won't.

I know that I havent covered all the areas on this page.....but like I said, it is too complicated a subject to go on and on.

The only way we can win, is for the people to get involved. I hope the attached advert can appear on this posting (thanks Ed :-)) but it is ad from the New Statesman this week and also on the back cover (outside facing) of he House magazine which goes out to all MP's and Peers tomorrow.

Please join up to our campaign on www.eureferendumcampaign.com and don't forget to sign The Pledge - thanks
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View Article  UKIP Leader - Lord Pearson
As you have probably read elsewhere, the Leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party - Lord Pearson - has resigned showing a rare ( for a politician) honesty by saying that " I am not much good at party politics, which I do not enjoy".
Very refreshing - would that others do likewise.
What is, however, also worth reading is the following quote from his resignation statement ..........

"Now the British people are to be allowed a referendum on how they elect their MPs but they are ( still - Gongdonkey) denied the referendum they were promised on whether those MPs should govern the country; on whether we should remain ensnared in the tentacles of the currupt EU octopus, or be set free to enjoy the fruits of democracy and free trade".

Wise words pointing out the false promises of Blair, Brown and Cameron on referendums regarding membership of the E.U.. Would that they were as straightforwardly honest as Lord Pearson - then they would not be held in such low esteem and contempt by the electorate.

View Article  A comment on the Saville Report !
For those of you who may have been there or thereabouts at the time, and for those of you who weren't but are of the age to remember, I give you a comment on the subject of The Saville Report -12 years in the making and eleventyumptynine million pounds cost to make Blair look good when he did sod all except :
a. Concede everything.
b. Brought John Major's initiative to an extremely unsatisfactory end but did bugger all to drive the engine.
c. Launch the most long-winded and expensive whitewash ever known.

I rarely agree with Simon Heffer of The Daily Telegraph because, without any military experience, he is a "Colonel Sir Bufton Tufton - V.C. and six bars, G.M., Mc." of Tunbridge Wells.

But this you have to read :

Read it here

Now, if you read other articles and reports - especially from those in the "know" - you will and indeed have done so for many years, wonder how McGuiness was never charged and was allowed to become an M.P.. and yet was truly believed to have opened fire on the Paras first to provoke such an incident and never mind the inocents caught in the backlash/crossfire ......... however, for that you'll either have to wait 30 or 40 years more or advance on the testicles of that abominable creature Blair with a pair of red hot pliers and a demand for repayment of all his ill-gotten gains and property prtfolio as they are the prceeds of crime.

So let's have a look at the M62 coach bombing, Manchester City Centre, the City of London, the chip shop in Omagh and countless others like Birmingham, The Grand Hotel and Guildford - no enquiries there then ? No criticism of McGuiness - only a "perhaps he may have had a Thompson" ! What ?

At least the lawyers came out of it well, one even managing (allegedly) to purchase a Scottish estate on the proceeds ; McGuiness and Adams have their salaries/expenses as M.P.s even without sitting in Parliament.

This political class - and it hasn't changed even at the last election - should hang its collective head in shame ! Perhaps they, McGuiness and Adams deserve each other. But as sure as eggs are eggs, the people of this country don't.
View Article  Employment for former priests.

Now that the Pope has at last written a letter, reference the child abuse, maybe many Priests will now resign or even be sacked. Hopefully they will serve a long term in prison first.

As they say there is a silver lining in every cloud.

Think of the recruitment opportunity this will present to the firm below:-

Mr Karl Winn of WEB EUROPE

(based in Taunton, Somerset). 

According to him, (in his own word) he would rather prefer to employ a  paedophile and child molester, instead of a former Member of H.M . Forces.